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Zest Fest - 330ml

Pro: 20g | Kcal: 319 | Carbs: 35g

Terry who? 🤪 It’s all about Charlie’s Chocolatey Orange.

This fresh protein smoothie is a big protein-packed hit of chocolate with a zesty burst of orange.

🧡 Choc full of energy and sweet zesty goodness

💪 20g Whey Protein Smoothie Orange & Cacao Made Fresh.

🌱 All-natural, no compromise. 

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What's in it?

20g Triple Release
Organic Whey 

Orange Oil



Powered By: EXALT Organic Whey Blend

Our signature triple-release protein blend is flavoured with natural no-expense-spared luxurious ingredients such as Madagascan vanilla & organic raw Cacao from the Congo. We combine this with organic whey protein, free-range egg white and milk protein (Casein) from grass-fed cow’s milk.

We add a touch of ground dates, apple fruit powder, low-GI organic unrefined coconut blossom sugar and Stevia plant extract for a little sweetness.

Combined, these ingredients deliver a natural-tasting luxurious creamy vanilla / chocolate flavour.

This unique blend of protein provides all nine essential amino acids needed to contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. As well as keeping you fuller for longer with a sustained protein release over seven hours.

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