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Feeling lazy? We have done the hard work for you and curated some bundles based on how we think you might want to use the range. You can also add additional bottles of your favourites at the checkout. Stuck? Drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to help.

One Of Each

x8 bottles. Can’t decide? Simple. Try them all and see where they best fit for you. Still unsure? Let us know and we can help. 

Buy from £37.80

Morning Glory

x5 bottles. Breakfast covered for the week. Both Smart Food meal-like replacements are packed with everything you need to start the day right.

Buy from £25.20

Gym Bunny

x9 bottles. Gym bag packed? Type-A Fuel to get you going. Firestarter ignites your workout (or night out). Lean Machine feeds and rebuilds.

Buy from £42.30

Beautiful, Awake & Calm

x6 bottles. These delicious cold-pressed juices are supercharged with collagen (beautiful), EXALT Natural Energy Complex (awake) & well-known plant extract. (calm).

Buy from £27.00

'V' Is For Vegan

x6 bottles. Quite simply, all the best plant-based protein and vegan products in one handy bundle.

Buy from £27.90

The EXALT Life

x30 bottles. Live the EXALT Life with a two week’s supply. x15 bottles delivered each week for a fortnight. Don’t leave change to chance.

Buy from £139.50


x28 bottles. Two week expert-designed healthy, sustainable weight loss plan. Drinks, meal plan & ongoing support.

Buy from £195.00