EXALT RESET | Healthy Weight Loss Plan - Plant Based



EXALT RESET is a nutrition plan designed by our clinical-lead nutritionist & dietitian Ro Huntriss to strip out bad eating habits.

At around 1000 calories per day it offers weight loss in a safe and sustainable way 

Everything you need delivered to your door. Made-to-order, fresh cold-pressed juice, protein smoothies and your freshly prepared evening meal

Provides a good nutritional balance of protein, carbs & good-fats (unlike most juice-only diets)

75g+ of protein per day - continue to workout without losing muscle mass 

Choose your plan:

Available as a 7 or 14 day plan with a plant-based options

Each Week You'll Receive:


21 drinks: 2 x protein smoothies & 1 x cold pressed juice with natural supplements for breakfast, lunch and a snack.


7 evening meals: freshly prepared by Michelin-trained chefs from our partners at MunchFit


Your digital plan handbook plan 


Access to us the team & our expert nutritionist should you have any questions.


As a bonus, we'll also send you 14 healthy recipes to follow after you complete the plans to continue on your healthy eating journey 

Your Evening Meal 

Our partners at MunchFit have created delicious, freshly prepared evening meals as part of our RESET plan.
Check out some example dishes below:

Standard Plan

Plant Based Plan

  • Restaurant-quality meals freshly prepared by Michelin-trained chefs
  • Ready to eat meals made with high quality, wholefood ingredients
  • 100% gluten-free meals with no preservatives or additives
  • Meals arrive with 6/7 days life (but can also be frozen if required, see FAQ below)

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We’ve been working with Ro as our clinical lead dietitian and nutritionist from the very beginning, to ensure our juices and smoothies provide everything your body needs to lead a nutritious and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

With several years’ experience working in the NHS and as an academic author, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the 2020 Public Health England, Ro is the perfect person to have at the forefront of our EXALT RESET weight loss plan.

In the past, she has acted Clinical Lead Dietitian for Europe’s largest dietetic digital healthcare company, and most recently, her studies have focused on lower-carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes.

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What Makes Us Unique? 

Shipped on ice. Stays fresh in your fridge for up to 14 days. Cold-pressed & never pasteurised

Made by hand in London each week by Charlie & Dan 

Made using premium all-natural ingredients. Free from artificial additives, gluten, GMO & soy

Designed by leading nutritionists and dietitians

Sustainably sourced ingredients & environmentally conscious packaging



We’re so pleased you’ve found us, because chances are, you’ve been struggling to find something on the market that truly ticks all the boxes of taste, convenience and nourishment – until now 😏

In 2019, we left our office jobs and headed to a little kitchen in Hackney, where we began to work with out team of experts to develop for you something that will make balancing “work – working out – resting - repeat” all the more manageable.

Here, you’ll find support that extends beyond nourishment, with expert tips and insights, nutritional guidance and a whole load of info on ingredients and sustainability. If you like, why not start by reading our story?

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EXALT has been developed with the best in the business – the best taste experts, dietitians, nutritionists and fitness gurus - all so that we can deliver both powerful nutrition and ultimate convenience to our members.

We’re here to support your non-stop lifestyle and make maintaining a healthy diet a breeze.

Each bottle of EXALT is crafted by hand and made fresh to order using all-natural, luxury ingredients of the highest quality, including Madagascan vanilla and organic raw cacao, as well as our very own signature triple-release protein blend. We worked alongside our experts to provide the perfect balance of everything your body needs - all in one little bottle!

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From the beginning of the EXALT journey, we’ve been conscious that we have a duty to do things sustainably.

Producing and selling anything has some impact on the environment, and we must do what we can to make sure that our impact is kept to a minimum and make the world a better place where we can. We have worked with a leading sustainability consultancy from the outset to ensure we can do the best we can.

That’s why we’re committed to sustainability and accountability across our supply chain, from easy wins like using bottles with recycled plastic and a packaging return scheme to being good to our people and of course, doing what we can to give back to our communities, while providing products that improve the lives and wellbeing of our members.

We call this our Conscious Consumption framework.

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Please note the EXALT RESET is not suitable for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you have any medical conditions you should speak to your GP to determine the suitability of this dietary plan for you.

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