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One of Each (9/10)

Subscription: £53.10
Standard: £59.00
Can’t decide? Simple. Try them all and see where they fit and work the best for you. Still unsure? Let us know and we can help. A mix of whey, collagen & vegan options. 


1x Anything But Vanilla (500ml) (V) - There's absolutely nothing vanilla about this protein vegan smoothie - unless of course, you're talking about its rich and delicious flavour...Made with EXALT Madagascan vanilla vegan protein blended with banana, almond butter and cinnamon.

1x Berry Berry Good (500ml)(V) - A berry big burst of goodness thanks to a whole heap of juicy mixed berries used to make this vegan high protein smoothie with EXALT Madagascan vanilla vegan protein blend.

1x Yoga Mom (V)
- Low in sugar, low in fat - that's our mantra. EXALT Madagascan vanilla vegan protein with spinach, banana, almond butter and pumpkin seeds.

1x Health Nut (V) – an indulgent, rich, yet guilt-free (at 289Kcal/low sugar) chocolate hit. Packed with hazelnuts (and protein).

1x Morning Glory Breakfast (V)- Guaranteed to get you up in the morning with a double shot of Guatemalan coffee & EXALT cacao vegan protein blended with overnight oats, dates, hazelnuts & hazelnut milk.

1x Chilled AF (V)  - the perfect wind down. Refreshing raw fruit mixed with 15mg calming plant extract...

1x Cherry Bomb (V) - Our all-natural energy drink with adaptogens & 150mg of natural caffeine (think double espresso vibes). Cold-pressed black cherry & pomegranate with a subtle ginger & chilli kick. It's time to slay the day, babes

1x Glow Up Cherry Bomb (V) Whoever said ‘beauty is only skin deep’ clearly never met you. A triple-threat, with antioxidants, Vitamin C and 8g healthy gut fibre from chicory root extract will have you glowing inside and out.

    Inc in Whey & Collagen Bundle

    1x Nip & Tuck - a refreshing and beautifying fix. Green juice with apple, mango, lime and ginger-infused with a massive 10g shot of Collagen

    1 x Lean Machine - a massive 40g of protein, lower-calorie (290) and all the core macronutrients needed plus a touch of salt to replenish those electrolytes. Perfect as a post-workout organic whey protein shake or for those looking for a diet meal replacement.
    These are made fresh to order so the juices stay fresh for up to 30 days & protein smoothies for up to 14 days depending on delivery date.

      • No artificial additives
      • Gluten free (Vegan products)*
      • Cold-pressed
      • GMO & Soy free

      What's good about it?

      Signature triple-release protein

      Loaded with antioxidants

      Vitamin C boost

      Helps fight inflammation

      Natural. Zero freaky stuff

      What's in it?

      Organic Madagascan vanilla protein

      Mixed berries

      Overnight oats


      Almond butter

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