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The Exalt Life (30)

Standard: £155
Subscription: £139.50

We don’t believe in dipping in and dipping out: going all out and then never doing it again. We want to be there for the long term.

At EXALT we are all about balance and a healthy lifestyle. At the heart of this is consistency and making sustainable and achievable changes that will have a long term benefit rather short term fixes.

Try The EXALT Life – our way of delivering. Breakfast, fresh meal-like replacements and supercharged cold-pressed juices.

Delivered for the week ahead and backed up with macro analysis from our resident dietitian and clinical lead dietitian. (Fortnight’s worth of products delivered each week for two weeks. 

Each week, for two weeks you will receive: 

Take your pick and have one of these in place of a meal. Don’t let us tell you when to have it? Double espresso for dinner? You do you.

  • 2 x Type-A Fuel - fuel your day. Double espresso mixed with Signature Cacao protein blend and oats. For those who need to be on top of their game.

  • 2 x Berry Beast - everything you need for the day ahead. Signature Vanilla protein blend with mixed berries and oats. Leaving you energised and fuller for longer.

  • 1 x Verry Berry Vegan – strawberries and raspberries and oats mixed with our signature vegan protein (pea, hemp and pumpkin) with a touch of beetroot for a nitrate boost.

Mid-morning, mid-afternoon or midnight snacks. Our smart food snacks can be used as part of a training regime as a treat. Or whenever and wherever.

  • 2 x Lean Machine - a massive 40g of protein, lower-calorie and all the core macronutrients needed plus a touch of salt to replenish those electrolytes.

  • 2 x Fauxtella - an indulgent, rich (but guilt-free at 370kcal) chocolate hit. Packed with hazelnuts (and protein) but not sugar.


Is designed to take the best bits of fruit and veg, cold-pressed and supercharged with the finest natural supplements. Allowing you to unwind, recharge and repair.

  • 2 x Better Than Botox -  a refreshing and beautifying fix. Green juice with apple, mango, lime and ginger-infused with a massive 10g shot of Collagen. 

  • 2 x Firestarter - supercharge your workout or get through the 4pm slump. 150mg of natural caffeine blended with nutrient-packed cherry and pomegranate.

  • 2 x Chilled AF - the perfect wind down.  Refreshing raw fruit mixed with 15mg of a well-known organic plant extract.


These are made fresh to order so the juices have a 21-day shelf life. Better Than Botox & meal replacements have from 8 days depending on your chosen delivery date.

Build Your Box
  • No artificial additives
  • Gluten free (vegan range)*
  • GMO & Soy free

What's good about it?

Signature triple-release protein

Loaded with antioxidants

Vitamin C boost

Helps fight inflammation

Natural. Zero freaky stuff

What's in it?

Organic Madagascan vanilla protein

Mixed berries

Overnight oats


Almond butter


Your go-to breakfast in a bottle. Our signature triple-release protein with organic whey and cacao is blended with a double shot of single-origin co­ffee, grown by smallholder farmers in Guatemala, to help you kickstart your day, overnight oats and dates for a little natural sweetness.

Aptly named for the Type-A-personalities of this world, this bottle fuels those who always need to be on top of their game, morning, afternoon or night.

Berry Beast

Berry Beast has everything your body needs to fuel whatever the day may bring. Our signature triple-release protein with organic whey and Madagascan vanilla is mixed with plenty of berries, overnight oats, banana and almond butter, providing a powerful burst of vitamins and antioxidants.

This one will leave you feeling energised, full for longer and ready for anything.

Better Than Botox 

All of the good green stuff (kale and spinach), blended with apple, mango, lime and invigorating ginger and injected with a massive 10g shot of collagen to give you a boost and get your skin glowing. No Instagram filter required.

Chilled AF 

A refreshing fix of fresh pineapple, orange, mango and lime juice infused with a generous dose of 15mg Amma Life CBD oil for ultimate effect.

Perfect for a boost when you really need to take the edge off. Chill out, focus in. 


With a punchy 150mg of natural caffeine from guarana seed, maca root, kola nut and natural coffee extract, our signature energy and immunity blend is mixed with cherry & pomegranate juice, a squeeze of lime, a dash of turmeric and finally with some chilli and ginger for an energising kick.

The Ideal fix for that 4pm slump or as a pre-workout. Caution, this one’s powerful.


An indulgent (but guilt-free) chocolate hit at 370kcal and low sugar. Our signature vegan protein blend with organic cacao is mixed with dates, oats, hazelnut butter and hazelnut milk.

That’s why we called it Fauxtella, similar to that well-known spread, only better for you (and no palm oil in sight). Good for a snack, breakfast, whenever you like.

Lean Machine

The perfect post-workout shake, or for those monitoring calories. Our signature triple-release protein is mixed with organic whey and Madagascan vanilla and blended by hand with overnight oats, almond butter and bananas for a snack that won’t have you reaching for another right after.

Very Berry

Our signature pea, pumpkin and hemp seed protein is combined with Madagascan Vanilla Seeds for an intense flavour.

Mixed with strawberries and raspberries before being blended with overnight oats, almond butter and a touch of beetroot to boost your performance (during sport or in the bedroom, seriously) thanks to it being a great source of nitrates.