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EXALT Gift Cards

Oh, Christmas. That wonderful time of year when you play detective, trying to figure out what your friends and family don't already have three of. Cue the EXALT gift cards – because honestly, who wants to be the tenth person gifting an electric toothbrush?

For those of you who love living on the edge (yes, we mean the last-minute shoppers who think deadlines are just guidelines), our gift cards are your new best friends. 

Wave goodbye to those cliché gift cards. I mean, if I see one more generic Amazon voucher, I'll assume it's a recycling campaign. Give the gift of choice, health, and a bit fancy, because nothing says 'I absolutely, definitely, 100% remembered and care' like a  EXALT gift card.

And guess what? These little lifesavers don't have an expiry date. Because your flair for fabulous gifting should never be constrained by something as mundane as time.

Top Tip

They can come with a hand-written Christmas (or Birthday) card from "you". Simply add your message to the order notes along with their delivery address and we'll take care of the rest.

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