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Post-Workout Recovery

Our range of post-workout drinks and supplements are designed by experts to give you that nutritious boost and help you recover after your session. Provide your muscles with the protein and amino acids they need to refuel and repair.
Lean Machine - 330ml

Gym Bunny (9)

Berry Berry Good - 500ml

Anything But Vanilla - 500ml

Nip & Tuck - 330ml

Chilled AF

Organic Whey Protein (Madagascan Vanilla)

Vegan Protein (Organic Madagascan Vanilla)

Organic Whey Protein (Cacao)

Vegan Protein (Organic Cacao)

Tur-Mericle Shots x 7

Ginger Ninja Shots x 7

Shot Bundle: 5x Ginger + 5x Turmeric


Minimum 7 Day Life






Protein for Muscle Recovery

Post-workout drinks help your body recover when you’ve finished your session. It’s all part of your healthy lifestyle - you need to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, so all that work pays off. Protein powder supplies you with the protein dosage your muscles need. Containing essential amino acids which make up protein, your body uses these to rebuild and repair muscles. You can take your protein shake immediately after your session, between the “anabolic window”. Make sure you recover with protein smoothies that are best for the job. 

Benefits of Protein Powder Post-Workout

Our post-workout protein is designed to slowly release over 7 hours. This helps to optimise your recovery, because the essential amino acids are available for longer. Perfect for helping keep DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) at bay. Both our blends come in vanilla or cacao. 

  • Organic whey protein powder - 3 types of protein for slow-release. Combining organic whey protein, with free-range egg white, and milk protein (Casein) from grass-fed cow’s milk.
  • Vegan protein powder - a blend of brown rice and pea protein, providing all 9 essential amino acids.

Protein powder allows you to make your own protein shakes to incorporate into your gym routine. Whether you prefer to use water or milk, add a scoop of delicious protein to restore your amino acids, and your body repair from your training session.

Post-Workout Recovery Drinks from EXALT

Our post-workout drinks contain the protein you need to rebuild and repair muscles. Conveniently bottled, and brimming with delicious flavour. Support your muscles to receive those all-important macros post-workout:

  • Lean Machine - This post-workout drink contains 40g whey protein and is a creamy low-sugar, low-fat, fresh shake. Keep you fuller for longer, and help your muscles recover post-workout.
  • Berry Berry Good - A deliciously fruity mix of fresh berries and 31 grams of vanilla protein, this vegan smoothie is perfect for providing you with a refreshing sip. 
  • Anything But Vanilla - This perfect vanilla blend is anything but boring. Providing 31g of vegan protein to recover post-workout.


Our cold-pressed juices contain nutritious ingredients to aid recovery from exercise. 

  • Nip & Tuck - A fresh green juice with 10g collagen peptides to help your skin glow, and provide the amino acids your muscles need post-workout. 
  • Chilled AF - This vegan juice is bright and tropical. Containing a 300mg dose of Passion Flower, thought to help with relaxation and providing restful sleep. 

Why Choose EXALT?

At EXALT, we specialise in great-tasting, nutritionally rich drinks, combined with sustainability. We use recycled packaging and a zero emissions delivery service in London. Opt for a meal replacement drink to curb hunger, or a juice cleanse when you need to reset your routine. 

New to meal replacement? The EXALT expert guide explores what to expect & addresses key FAQs. Start your healthy weight loss journey today.
Our juice diets provide you with essential macros, rather than the high sugar, low nutrient cleanses you may find elsewhere.
Our expert guide walks you through the benefits of green juice ingredients, how to cleanse, and why EXALT green juices should be your first choice.