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lright, gather round, health enthusiasts and coffee skeptics alike! It's high time we spill the beans on the age-old debate: Is caffeine the bad boy of the beverage world or just misunderstood?

You've heard the rumors – caffeine, the alleged instigator of headaches, the mastermind behind sleepless nights, and the accomplice in your daily nausea escapades. But let's be real, can we actually pin all our woes on a humble cup of joe?

It's time to dissect this hotter-than-a-latte topic. Buckle up, buttercup, because we're diving deep into the caffeinated conundrum to bring you the unfiltered truth – one sip at a time! 🍵💥
"Vegan collagen" products are gaining hype and popularity, but what's hiding behind the label? 
The evidence base supporting the beneficial effects of collagen on health are growing. Whilst some claimed health benefits may not be sufficiently supported by evidence, the effect of collagen on skin and joint health show good promise.