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Cold Pressed Juice

Our cold pressed juices are the ultimate delicious and nutritious start to your day. Fresh ingredients, cold pressed for maximum nutrition, stay fresh in the fridge for up to 14 days.
Nip & Tuck - 330ml

Higher Energy - 330ml

Glow Up - 330ml

Chilled AF

Tur-Mericle Shots x 7

Ginger Ninja Shots x 7

Shot Bundle: 5x Ginger + 5x Turmeric


Minimum 7 Day Life






Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

Take part in a cold pressed juice cleanse with EXALT juice cleanses - featuring nutrition plans and drinks made to complement your workout routine. Make the most of our delicious juices, see the benefits of a juice cleanse, and see how they could restore balance to your lifestyle. 

Cold pressed juices are made, as the name suggests, by cold pressing them. This refers to how we extract the nutritious juices from our ingredients. The benefits of cold pressing our juices means we can lock in their fresh goodness. The method means we get the most from each of the fruits and vegetables which go into our cold pressed juices, so we can make the most of every nutritious drop.

Fresh Juices to Tingle the Taste Buds

Cold pressed juices don’t just have to be healthy, they can taste great too. Choose a natural caffeine boost, or 10g of collagen as the perfect way to start your day, or perk up after an afternoon meeting. As always, our delicious drinks are raw, fresh, and unpasteurised - for even better flavour, that’s good for the body too.

Our cold pressed juices are made to fit perfectly into your everyday routine, while providing the essential nutrients needed to supplement your diet. With fresh ingredients like collagen and vitamin C, you can support your nutritional intake with our juices. Our Nip & Tuck juice is made with bovine collagen peptides, swirled amongst apple, mango, kale, and spinach. Collagen benefits your skin and joint health, so including this as one of your cold pressed juices can support your body. 

Best Cold Pressed Juices for Vegans

No one has to miss out on delicious, fresh cold pressed juices with our range made entirely of plant-based ingredients

  • Higher Energy - This is one of our cold pressed juices which packs a punch. Made with 150mg of natural caffeine, brimming with cherry & pomegranate, this vibrant drink is sure to get you going. Ideal as a pre workout drink. Containing adaptogens, one of these cold pressed juices contain 99% of your daily intake of vitamins C and A. Wake up, using our Natural Energy Complex blend

  • Glow Up - Discover cold pressed juices which care for your gut health. This one features antioxidants, Vitamin C and chicory root extract. Combined with apple, mango, and kiwi, this is an indulgent way to support your diet and enjoy a refreshing sip all in one. 

  • Chilled AF - Relax and enjoy this tropical fruit fix. Containing 300mg of Passion Flower, thought to help with stress and prepare the mind for sleep. Enjoy as you wind down in the afternoon with your feet up! Tasty pineapple, mango, and orange, means you can enjoy your cold pressed juices with sunshine on the mind.

Why Choose EXALT?

At EXALT, we specialise in delicious drinks which care for your health, combined with sustainability. We use recycled packaging and a zero emissions delivery service in London. Choose from breakfast smoothies to start your day in the best way, to protein powder to fuel your performance.

New to meal replacement? The EXALT expert guide explores what to expect & addresses key FAQs. Start your healthy weight loss journey today.
Our juice diets provide you with essential macros, rather than the high sugar, low nutrient cleanses you may find elsewhere.
Our expert guide walks you through the benefits of green juice ingredients, how to cleanse, and why EXALT green juices should be your first choice.