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Juice Cleanses: How to Lose Weight Healthily

Lose weight healthily with a juice cleanse

Using a juice cleanse for weight loss is a common concept… and we all want to look and feel like we’re living our best lives! But be careful, not all juice diets are created equal. We’re focused on providing you with a juice diet that is full of nutrients, helping you hit your calorie deficit targets and healthily manage your juice cleanse weight loss plan. 

Follow our guide to ensure you’re using a juice cleanse to lose weight sustainably — that’s our speciality. 

What you'll learn:

  • Can You Lose Weight from a Juice Cleanse?
  • How to Healthily Lose Weight with a Juice Cleanse
  • Lose Weight Healthily with EXALT Juice Cleanses
  • What to Expect from an EXALT Juice Diet
  • Top Tips for Juice Cleanse Weight Loss 

Can You Lose Weight from a Juice Cleanse?

The short answer is yes. Juice cleanses provide you with a calories deficit which means your body receives fewer calories than it needs to keep you at your current weight. Therefore, you lose weight because your body uses up fat stores in order to create energy. This calorie deficit is fairly effective at helping you lose weight. 

However, if you stay in a calorie deficit for too long, you may experience a loss in muscle mass. Your rate of metabolism may be affected, and when this slows, weight management becomes more difficult. Juice cleanse weight loss is only sustainable for a short amount of time. The nature of a juice diet means you should stick to shorter duration cleanse, due to the insufficient nutrient provision they can offer.

Juice cleanses can lead to healthy weight loss. However, depending on how you go about taking part, they may not be as healthy as they seem.

How to Healthily Lose Weight with a Juice Cleanse

One of the benefits of juice cleanses is that you can reassess your diet and lose weight through this calorie deficit technique. 

1.Create a sustainable calorie deficit -Consuming fewer calories is an effective way to lose weight, but you need to do it safely. Juice cleanses could leave you feeling hungry and can affect your nutrition, as a lot of cleanses boast health claims without scientific backing. Simply cutting out a large proportion of calories is not healthy, and will not be a sustainable, or safe, way to lose weight.

2.Motivate yourself -You’ll have to motivate yourself in order to complete your cleanse without snacking between drinks. Knowing how to do a juice cleansemeans you’ll be able to lose weight healthily and hype yourself up to achieve your body goals!

3.Provide essential nutrition -To lose weight on a juice cleanse healthily, you still need to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function properly, and serve your cells with the energy they need. Without, you could experience detrimental health issues, rather than achieve your aim. This means providing the essential macros, vitamins, and minerals to stay healthy. 

 Lose Weight Healthily with EXALT Juice Cleanses

At EXALT, we offer a straightforward approach to juice cleanse weight loss. We don’t claim any health benefits we can’t back up. No yo-yo or fad diets - only nutritious ingredients make it into our bottles! We use cold-pressed juices, which are made by cold-pressing our fruits and vegetables, to get every last nutritious drop. 

Our juice cleanses for weight loss are designed to help you reset your schedule, whilst caring for your health. You can even hit the gym, thanks to the high protein content of our meal replacement smoothies.

Made from raw, natural ingredients, our juice cleanses for weight loss provides a sustainable calorie deficit in a macro-complete meal. You’ll receive around 1,200 calories per day, as well as a balance of protein powder, carbohydrates, and fats.

We always advise that you seek medical consultation if you have any concerns over your physical or mental wellbeing that could result from such a sudden diet change. 

EXALT cold pressed juice and healthy foods

What to Expect from an EXALT Juice Diet

We’ve made it easier than ever to get started on your juice cleanse weight loss journey with our EXALT Life Cleanse. With our bottles delivered straight to your door you don’t even need to leave the house! Follow these 5 steps to make a change and take control of your nutrition:

1.Choose which juice cleanse you wish to complete:

a) 1 day juice cleanse - 6 drinks
b) 3 day juice cleanse - 18 drinks
c) 5 day juice cleanse - 30 drinks
d) 7 day juice cleanse - 42 drinks
e) 14 day juice cleanse - 72 drinks

2.Select your dietary requirements -containing whey protein powder, or vegan protein powder, as well as a caffeine-free option. 

3.Receive your handbook via email after your purchase, as well as access to ongoing support.

4.Receive your bottles of deliciousness! 

5.Follow the handbook and and enjoy your juices and smoothies -you can drink each day in any order you like.

6.If you select a 2 week plan,we’ll deliver your second week of drinks in a new delivery to give you more space in the fridge and maximum freshness!

Top Tips for Juice Cleanse Weight Loss

Losing weight on a juice cleanse may be easier said than done. Depending on how you do your cleanse, they can leave you feeling tired and hungry. We have some top tips to make the most of your juice cleanse weight loss journey, and to make sure you’re caring for your body above everything else:

Planning your juice cleanse

1.Pick a buddy- Your juice cleanse weight loss journey doesn’t have to be a solo mission. Take part with a friend, that way you can motivate each other, check in when you’re tempted to munch, and discuss your favourite drinks. 

2.Don’t forget about nutrition- While your goal may be centred around weight loss, you need to do it healthily. Remember that your wellbeing comes first - not looks! Spending a lot of mental energy on your physical appearance could lead to unhealthy habits. That’s why our juice cleanses are designed to help you healthily lose weight.

3.Listen to your body- Ignoring your body won’t help you with your juice cleanse weight loss targets. Listen to it, and if it’s telling you to eat, eat! Opt for something nutritious and healthy, like lean foods and raw vegetables. Don’t be deterred by feeling hungry, that is a natural part of being human!

4.Drink plenty of water - Even though you’re on a liquid diet, it doesn't mean you don’t need to stay hydrated with water. Between your juices and smoothies, drink plenty of water to provide the essentials your body needs. 

5.Have fun!- Try out different flavour drinks and enjoy experimenting with your faves. After all, why shouldn’t achieving your body goals be enjoyable? EXALT provides delicious drinks to aid your juice cleanse weight loss journey. You can drink the bottles in any order - save your preferred flavour for the end of the day, or have it to kick off the morning with a bang!

Juice Cleanses & Weight Loss: A Summary

  • Prioritise your health above all else. 
  • Calorie deficits need to be sustainable.
  • Provide your body with essential macros.
  • Drink plenty of water. 
  • Listen to your body.

Delicious Nutrition from EXALT

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