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Good living starts with good food. Food fuels our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing - so how can we be expected to feel good and perform, if we’re filling our bodies with crap?

We all know the importance of good nutrition, yet our lives are busier than ever (fitting in the gym, family, work, training, sleep, sex and the list goes on) - so we compromise. We pick up a crappy snack, shake or ready-made meal, just because it’s convenient. Or, we opt for something healthy but it tastes rank and we’re hungry again an hour later. We’re really not sure what’s worse here. But why can’t good food be ultra convenient and taste good? Rhetorical question of course - it can, and we think we’ve cracked it.

One of our core values is honesty and transparency, so we’ll level with you. We’re amazed nobody has done this before. Yes, we’ve consulted scientists and nutritionists as well as taste experts to develop our menu, but it’s really not rocket science.

All we have done is design good food around busy lifestyles. To do this we’ve:

  • Sustainably sourced the best ingredients from around the world
  • Worked with nutritionists to ensure that each ingredient within each bottle on our menu (naturally) packs a nutritional punch
  • Sought the input of taste experts from Green & Blacks
  • Bottled it

Essentially, we’ve got your back when it comes to nutritionally balanced food on the go - one less thing for you to think about as you take on the world.

Positive Discontent

Throughout this manifesto, we’ll be introducing ourselves a bit more, explaining what motivated us to start EXALT and what fuels us to keep improving ourselves, our recipes and our service.

Our overriding motivation for founding EXALT is a feeling known as ‘positive discontent’. Allow us to explain.

The feeling of discontent is usually thought of as a negative emotion, but that’s only the case when you ignore this feeling or try to suppress it. Instead, discontent should be seen as a positive thing - a feeling that ignites a spark and spurs us into action.

As soon as you start feeling discontent, it’s time to commit to positive change.

Built for Betterment

We’ll take honesty over sugar-coated bull any day of the week. The best thing about positive discontent is that it spurs us on to set the bar for ourselves that little bit higher.

Assess yourself - the good, the bad and the ugly - and envision a better version of you.

Our aim is to do just that - to be the best version of ourselves by constantly raising the bar - striving to improve the quality, power and performance of our product and our service. It’s only by doing this that we can help our members become the best version of themselves - by getting the right balance of nutrition, taste and convenience.

This is how we do it

Enable Elite Performance

We’re a no-nonsense, uncompromising provider of performance nutrition – fuelling our members’ wellness and fitness goals.

Whether you are an elite athlete or an individual committed to becoming your best self, our products have been designed especially for you - to fuel the mind and power the body.

Provide Premium Taste

By collaborating with leading nutritional technologists, we create carefully curated, premium products which excel in taste and nutrition. Each flavour is designed to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Promote Conscious Consumption

We’re not perfect. But one of our core aims is to promote conscious consumption. This means balancing providing convenient consumption to our customers with an environmentally conscious approach. 

We commit to sustainability and accountability across our supply chain.

We commit to looking after our employees.

We commit to giving back to our communities.

No excuses. No compromise.