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Real Talk

We totally accept that we’re not perfect - but knowing this only spurs us on to improve (Can you tell we're obsessed with Spurs? Here's why.)

Because we’re so involved in the practices and processes that go on within our business and across our supply chain, we really have nothing to hide or shy away from. That’s why we wanted to create this dedicated Real Talk section on our website. A place we can share everything with you - our flaws and our merits - so that you can see how we’re always working to improve the way we do business.

there are our key areas of focus right now:

ingredients & sourcing

Increasing our use of organic products

Reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing more ingredients locally. We currently find this hard to do, as British fruit is much more expensive as there are only a few sunny months to the season.

 Working with suppliers to be more accommodating to our specific sustainability goals. As we are still a fairly small fish, this is hard to do without massive buying power.

You can find our individual aims for each ingredient here.

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recycling & packaging

  • Our bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic. This is a huge win!
  • Increase the amount of recycled ocean plastic that we use to create our packaging.
  • Launch a return-scheme for our packaging and natural insulation materials.

Find out more about recycling our packaging and great ideas on how to reuse them. And also our sustainability framework ‘Conscious Consumption’.

giving back

  • Our social media presence will also showcase and raise awareness of Plastic Oceans UK’s amazing work.
  • 5% of our profits continue to be donated to The Food Chain. We will look to increase our contribution as soon as we can.
  • We will continue to look for other global and local causes to support and volunteering ideas in the local community to be used on our company volunteering days.


Employees will be given upto Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene training as standard. We will encourage and support them if they wish to progress this qualification further.

Private health care will soon be rolled out to all staff. Sadly, very few businesses in our industry offer this, but as a nutrition business we think it would be strange if we didn’t.

We are looking to employ another apprentice in partnership with a local college.