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Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is at the heart of fueling performance for athletes and active individuals alike. Our curated collection of high-quality sports nutrition supplements and drinks are designed to power workouts, assist recovery and offer convenience to dynamic lifestyles.
Lean Machine - 330ml

Gym Bunny (9)

Organic Whey Protein (Madagascan Vanilla)

Organic Whey Protein (Cacao)

Vegan Protein (Organic Madagascan Vanilla)

Vegan Protein (Organic Cacao)

Firestarter | Natural Energy Complex

Tur-Mericle Shots x 7

Ginger Ninja Shots x 7

Shot Bundle: 5x Ginger + 5x Turmeric


Minimum 7 Day Life






Performance Sports Nutrition for a Workout Boost

Looking to get in the zone for your next workout? Formulated for daily use, our sports nutrition collection boasts a variety of pre-workout drinks and energy powders to support your performance goals. Essential proteins and natural caffeine yield the energy and focus you need to crush your workouts. Our natural energy complex provides 150mg of caffeine from Guarana seed, kola nut and natural coffee extract to get you ready for your next big training push.

Everyday Supplementation & Drinks

Sports nutrition isn't all about workouts. Proper nutrition is essential for overall health, performance and wellness. No matter what goals you are working towards, ready-made high protein shakes help supply your body with amino acids, to support muscle function and growth. Whether it be a nutritional breakfast smoothie or an afternoon fix, EXALT sports nutrition drinks deliver 20 to 40g of protein. Their taste and convenience makes them your go-to performance partner.

Don’t Forget to Recover

Refuel after a big training session with EXALT. Our post-workout protein recovery drinks are a delicious and convenient way to replenish and repair muscle tissue. Our vanilla and cacao organic protein powders are packed with 19g of protein per serving, expertly-designed to release slowly over 7 hours to aid muscle recovery. Whether you’re after whey protein powder, or want to try a vegan protein powder, you’ll be thanking us when you see those gains kick in!

EXALT: More Than Sports Nutrition…

EXALT is formulated with a blend of essential nutritional ingredients to help you on your journey to increase strength, endurance, and power. Our expert range of cold-pressed juices and meal replacement drinks are designed to support your training, recovery, and overall health. We are the perfect fit for your sports nutrition plan.

New to meal replacement? The EXALT expert guide explores what to expect & addresses key FAQs. Start your healthy weight loss journey today.
Our juice diets provide you with essential macros, rather than the high sugar, low nutrient cleanses you may find elsewhere.
Our expert guide walks you through the benefits of green juice ingredients, how to cleanse, and why EXALT green juices should be your first choice.