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EXALT Protein & Caffeine Blends

Organic Whey

Our signature triple-release protein blend with natural and luxurious ingredients such as Madagascan vanilla and organic Ghanaian cacao. Along with organic whey protein, free-range egg white and casein from grass-fed cow’s milk. A touch of dates and apple fruit powder with organic coconut sugar are added for a little natural sweetness.

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Vegan Protein

Unlike some of the "earthier" tasting vegan blends, our recipe is not only impressive for its performance abilities by providing all 9 essential amino acid but it is also recognised for its phenomenal taste and smoothness. Available in Madagascan vanilla & organic Ghanaian cacao with natural fruit extracts for sweetness.

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Firestarter | Natural Energy Complex

Caution, this one’s powerful. The ideal fix for that 4pm slump or as a pre-workout, with 150mg of natural caffeine from guarana seed, kola nut and natural coffee extract. This blend is made from entirely natural & no expense spared ingredients such as nutrient-packed cherry & pomegranate fruit powder along with chilli for a little kick.

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