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Vegan Protein Powder

Our vegan protein powder makes working out on your plant-based diet more efficient and tastier than ever. A blend of brown rice and pea protein provides your daily dose of 20g plant protein with amino acids to support your workout.


Minimum 7 Day Life






Fuel Performance with Plant Protein

Enjoy our blend of brown rice and pea protein to fuel your workout. This protein powder is a delicious solution to those wanting to recover from the gym with great-tasting protein, whilst sticking to a plant-based diet. 100% natural and sustainably sourced, our blend combines plant sources to deliver a high protein hit, perfect for supporting your post-workout recovery

The protein used in our vegan protein powder contains all of the 9 ‘essential’ amino acids which cannot be synthesised by the body. These ensure the body can repair and grow muscle, to support your workout in the best way. Each of the 16 servings of our vegan protein powder contains at least 20g of protein, so you can supplement your recommended protein intake with ease.

Vegan Protein Powder: Choose Your Flavour

Our plant-based vanilla protein is made with the luxurious Madagascan vanilla.  Not just delicious, vanilla itself is known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. This means our vegan protein powder is packed with health benefits as well as essential amino acids. 

Enjoy sustainably-sourced plant-based cacao protein for an unbeatable rich chocolate flavour. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, cacao is not only great for helping you build muscle, but can also support immune response. 

We only use nutritious ingredients in our vegan protein powder, which includes a blend of dates, apple powder, and stevia for an injection of natural sweetness.

How to Use Vegan Protein Powder

To use our vegan protein powder, you can make your own protein shakes. Or for those days when you’re run off your feet, you can find the same great-tasting product in our fresh protein smoothies, conveniently pre-bottled. The best time to drink protein shakes is after your workout, in the “anabolic window”. This is usually around an hour after your session, providing the optimal time to harness your recovery. 

Protein is essential to restore the damage your muscles may experience during a workout. Protein is also important to keep you fuller for longer, aiding your weight management, and reducing the chance of muscle loss. You can incorporate it into a high protein breakfast, and obtain it through your diet, with the help of vegan protein powder. To get your workout off to the best start, try our pre-workout energy to fuel your session and reach your goals.

Why Choose EXALT?

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