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Our clinical-lead dietitian & nutritionist Ro Huntriss, was recently asked by Women's Health to contribute her thoughts on intermittent fasting for EXALT.

Protein shakes offer workout benefits. The before benefits are different to the after. Shape your performance goals with EXALT today. 

Take protein after exercise in the anabolic window to help your muscles heal. Find the best protein for recovery & what to take before you exercise. 

High protein breakfasts fuel performance & recovery throughout your day. Discover tasty breakfast ideas now to support muscle growth.
Learn the science behind caffeine: how it affects the body, improves performance, & why EXALT should be your new caffeine supply. Find out more how.
There's a difference between having a full on "Lazy Sunday" where you chill stressfully, crash on the couch, and fret about the week ahead... and a REAL relaxation day.
Alex Cook, our resident sports & endurance dietitian/nutritionist gives her advice and top tips for getting back into training & exercise after lockdown lifting.