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From the beginning of the EXALT journey, we’ve been conscious that we have a duty to do things sustainably.

Producing and selling anything has some impact on the environment, and we must do what we can to make sure that our impact is kept to a minimum and make the world a better place where we can.

That’s why we’re committed to sustainability and accountability across our supply chain, being good to our people and of course, doing what we can to give back to our communities, while providing products that improve the lives and wellbeing of our members. We call this our Conscious Consumption framework.

We worked with leading sustainability consultancy, Sancroft International to create this framework, but it is our commitment that we make to you, our members, that we will never stop striving to improve across all aspects of our business. Felix remains on our EXALT panel of experts to continue to advise us. As you may know, we’re fuelled by positive discontent and this also drives our dedication to becoming a sustainable business.

We always stand by our principles, we strongly believe in doing as much good as we can and we’re always striving to do more.

2022 Updates

Tree Huggers, Where You At? 💚🌳

We’re all about saving the seas AND the trees. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant one tree for every order we ship out. Let’s grow our EXALT forest together and see how much impact we can have to fight the climate crisis and help out mother nature. Our little patch of forest may just be starting out right now, but in a few years, our efforts will hopefully bloom into a whole load of help to reforest Madagascar, and even protect the Amazon rainforest too.

We believe in this cause, as supporting our rainforests has a knock-on effect for the whole planet, protecting against loss of bio-diversity and the climate crisis. Rainforests are often called “the lungs of the planet”, absorbing 2 billion tons of CO2 each year naturally.

Not only that, a lot of modern medicine is derived from new discoveries in these ancient biomes, with over 100 new species of plant and wildlife discovered every year.

We signed up to this scheme in Jan 2022 so watch this space for how many trees we grow!

Zero Emissions Delivery

You know we're all about that sustainability hype. So we got busy and collabed with HIVED, the zero emission delivery service in London.

As a brand, we want to take accountability and do something to work towards a more sustainable future.

Even our babe Greta (yes, that's her in the pic) knows, this is the way forward 🙌🏼 🚲(pssst, if you live outside central London, we haven't forgotten you!) We use DPD as they offset their carbon emissions overall in addition to as using electric vans in many inner cities).

EXALT x Too Good To Go

As of Nov 2022 we have 'saved' 936 meals from going to waste and in doing so 2.34 Tonnes of CO2e! 

We have partnered with The Too Good To Go, an app lets you buy and collect this food - at a great price - so it gets eaten instead of going to waste.

Can't get tastier than that baby! 

Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our customers is a huge priority for us. Life can get hectic and we’re nearly always ‘switched on’. Good nutrition, exercise and generally looking after ourselves is so important to include in our life balance.

At EXALT, our aim is to help you to strike the right balance. We’re always looking for ways to improve the quality, power and performance of our products and service, so that you can work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

What we’re trying to say is, when it comes to nutritionally-balanced food that is convenient on-the-go, we’ve got your back 100% - and that’s one less thing for you to think about as you take on the world.

Our Products & Supply Chain

Why we champion Closed Loop Recycling instead

Because using compostable plastics is not the solution we hoped that it would be, we chose to use closed loop recycling for our bottles instead. This means that we use recycled plastic to make our bottles and that, in-turn, our bottles can be recycled.

Surprisingly, and much to our disappointment, it’s actually pretty hard to get a hold of previously recycled bottles made from plastic. But, we’re doing the best we can and have been lucky enough to find a great supplier for our rPET bottles (rPET is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials). We strive to use recycled plastic packaging that otherwise would have either ended up in landfill or been incinerated.

RECYCLED BOTTLE.jpg__PID:c4cef5c6-5775-43cd-ab9f-eda0c0ef63dc

100% Recycled Plastic (rPET)

Our bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic. This is a huge win, because we reuse preloved bottles, this means that no new plastic is being created. But the benefits don’t stop there, reusing plastic also helps to lower carbon emissions. We’re thrilled to have made the switch from 50% to 100% recycled plastic, thanks to all the time we spent with our sustainability experts. We know we can do better though, and we’re on a mission to always strive to do more, please send your suggestions our way!

Raised £2685 against plastic pollution so far...

We hate contributing to plastic pollution at all. However, we know that providing you with a quality product is important too. When you told us our drinks looked cloudy, or murky (not a cute look), we listened to your advice and decided to find rPet manufacturer that can meet these requirements. We’re hopeful that rPet manufacturers will soon be able to improve the clarity of the reused plastic so that we can use this going forward. 

We’re committed to help offset plastic that is entering the system globally. Find out how we have partnered with Plastic Oceans UK and other charities, as well as how much how we’ve raised to date.

*As of Jan 2023

Why does my bottle look a bit beat up/murky?

The plastic we use for our bottles has lived a previous life as another bottle before it reaches us, and so each recycled bottle varies in colour and finish. Fortunately for us, we’re far more interested in what’s inside than we are in our looks, so we hope you can look past this - after all, it’s for a good cause.

So if you notice that your bottle looks a little unique (some might say murky), then don’t worry - this is perfectly normal, and it in no way compromises the quality, taste, safety or hygiene of the bottle. It really is as good as new.

People & Communities

Our People

We are sure you’ve often heard the phrase “a business is only as good as its people”. This is something that is really at the core of what we do. We have worked in plenty of places that are frankly, just not that nice, which is why we try hard to create a supportive work environment that encourages our people to grow, be challenged and feel happy.

Employee retention is something that is notoriously difficult in the food industry. We aim to change this at EXALT and strive to retain our staff through treating them right and offering a wide range of perks, benefits and cash bonuses to keep our people smiling. If you would like to talk about joining our family drop us a line at


Giving back is incredibly important to us. We strongly believe that progress should not come at the expense of any people, community or the environment. Find out more about some of the initiatives we are involved with.

Giving Back

Giving something back to the communities, people and environment around us is something we feel is absolutely necessary. Our personal mantra is ‘built for betterment’ but we take this sentiment externally too, to try and make the world around us a bit of a better place.

It’s our ultimate goal to become carbon negative and so we have a responsibility to practice what we preach. That’s why we pledge to donate a portion of our profits each and every year to some great causes. Visit the our Charities & Initiatives page to find out more.

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