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Our story

This is what DIY lockdown haircuts look like...serving you convict realness since June 2020 💅🏻 💁🏼‍♀️

We’re Charlie & Dan - the founders of EXALT.

Like most people we know, our lives are pretty full-on. We’d love to say it was all eat / sleep / insta / rave* / repeat in our house, but in all honesty it was actually more like eat / work / workout / pass out. 

Eating healthily takes a fair bit of time, effort and money. Sure, you can try and plan your meals ahead of time, but there are always times where you are caught short with an unexpected meeting or by waking up too late for breakfast.

During these times we found that good-quality, on-the-go options for healthy food are pretty limited. Trust us, if you can think of one we probably tried it - including attempting to eat three pots of boiled eggs on the tube, which is no easy feat. (Give it a go and let us know how you get on). The alternative for us was to have a sickly meal replacement shake halfway down the M4 that had been sat on a shelf for many months (or longer).

*yes, yes "rave" makes us cringe too but the alliteration is golden so we'll take the hit. Fully aware it sounds like someone's mother asking 'so how was Ibiza?' 😬

we felt there really was nothing on the market that ticked all of the boxes of taste, convenience and nourishment.

To sum it up, we felt like we were fighting a constant battle - endlessly trying and failing to strike the right balance between work, working out and healthy eating.

So we started to think about an alternative way to fuel the body that is both convenient and delicious. And (to give you the short version), after consulting with nutritionists and taste experts, EXALT was born in the winter of 2019. A tasty, nutrient-packed meal supplement & cold press juice that works for any number of lifestyles and health and fitness goals, and tastes great too. Real, good food, bottled.

Since you have read this far already, we’d like to be honest and say that while we started a nutrition brand, we still believe in balance. We are fans of the 80/20 rule - 80% healthy, 20% dirty. For us, balance is crucial to a healthy lifestyle otherwise it just gets a little dull. I’m sure we won’t be the first people to admit to eating Nutella straight out the jar.

We hope you enjoy our products and would love to hear your feedback, the good the bad and the ugly. Don’t be shy.

And thank you for supporting our small business.

Charlie & Dan 😘

Shoutout to our pups, Ubi & Oke who kept us sane during the ups and downs of starting a new business (especially in the midst of a global pandemic...) Much to their disappointment, they were not involved in the taste-testing however.