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Free Delivery for Orders £50+

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Your EXALT drinks are the freshest of the fresh - raw, cold-pressed, and packed with goodness. To keep this bottled burst of nature at its best, refrigerate immediately at below 5°C. The colder the better.

Made fresh, they thrive in the chill, ensuring every sip is as nutrient-rich as nature intended. Check the expiry date to enjoy at peak deliciousness.

Keep it cool, keep it fresh, and savour the goodness.

Each product is made fresh to by hand in Islington, London without the use of any preservatives or pasteurisation to keep it super fresh.

- The protein smoothie range will arrive with a minimum of 7 days life and a max of 15 days.

Berry Berry Good has a max life of 30 days (for food science reasons we won't bore you with!)

- The cold-pressed juice range will arrive with a minimum of 7 days (but usually this will be around 14-40 days). 

The use-by date is on the cap or neck of the bottle.

If you'd like drinks with as long as life as possible be sure to choose a Friday delivery date.

You can also freeze your drinks to consume at a later date. Some of them freeze a little better than others. The texture can be altered slightly but the nourishment is the same :) 

Simply take your drink out of the freezer and put it in the fridge overnight to have the next day.

Each drink provides nourishment similar to that of a healthy meal using only real food ingredients (triple-release protein, oats, fruit, vegetables & nuts). This range is simply ‘real, all-natural food, bottled’.

Our smoothie range has been designed by nutrition experts to include each of the three core macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) that you would find in a ‘standard’ meal. They are not a total meal replacement as they do not contain all the required micronutrients. 

Some of these micronutrients/minerals must be manufactured artificially - this is why we do not include them in our all-natural range.

They are not a traditional “meal replacement” as the EU definition only extends to calorie-restricted products to be used for a short period for time for the purpose of losing weight. Traditional “meal replacements” are often made of sugar, artificial sweeteners, water, thickeners, artificial flavourings and often chemically synthesised vitamins and minerals.

The range can safely be used to replace 1-2 meals/snacks a day on a long term basis. The rest of your meals and snacks that day should then be well-balanced with a wide variety of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, dairy or dairy-alternative, fruits and vegetables. 

Should you follow one of our nutrition plans such as EXALT Life you should return to well balanced meals after the plan has ended and ensure you have a break with well balanced eating before repeating another plan.

Essentially, our products provide a nutritional hit, in a bottle, on-the-go.

You’ll find the phrase: “All Natural, No Compromise” on all of our bottles and we stand by that.

We never add artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilisers to our products. If we are looking to replicate any of these benefits in our range, then we will always use natural or naturally-derived ingredients to achieve the same results.

We use the best quality fruit (the sweeter the better) and vegetables (including the wonky ones) and some variation may occur as with any fresh seasonal produce.

This may also be due to your bottle which can have a different colour from batch to batch. This is due to the recycled plastic we use to limit the amount of new plastic being made into the environment. Have a read of our packaging page to find out more about what makes our bottles so special/different.

Most store-bought drinks don’t separate because they have stabilisers added in. We prefer to shake our juice rather than drink chemicals. We normally say 10 hard shakes does the trick.

HPP stands for High-Pressure Processing and means we place our juices in a tank of cold water and apply extremely high levels of pressure to remove potentially harmful bacteria, therefore extending shelf life without the use of preservatives in an all-natural way.

HPP is awesome for preserving the key vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in our juices that would be destroyed via the usual Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurisation process of most products you see on shelves.

All our recipes are developed by leading taste-experts, dieticians, nutritionists and fitness gurus, helping to combine great taste with maximum nutritional value. Each ingredient is chosen for a reason and brings extra benefits to a balanced active healthy lifestyle. Find out more about the EXALT expert panel.

Our primary aim is to provide natural, great-tasting products that help you perform your best, whatever your goal. With this in mind, we focus on the best possible quality ingredients to achieve these outcomes, and often this means using a mixture of organic and non-organic produce. We have found that in some instances organic is not always better. We continually evaluate the ingredients we use and always welcome your feedback as to how we might do things differently.

If you would like to check up on all the ingredients and nutritional values in each product you can do so by clicking on each product page or on the side of the bottles or for a full list click here.

The majority of the range is safe to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding, however as a precaution we advise avoiding the following:

- Morning Glory (caffeine)

- Higher Energy (caffeine)

- Chilled AF (passion flower / herbal remedy)

This information we provide should never supersede what a doctor tells a patient; it is important for pregnant women to consult a doctor before making any major lifestyle (diet/exercise) changes just to be on the safe side.

The majority of our range is simply natural, whole foods which are then crushed and bottled. But the information we provide should never supersede what a doctor tells a patient; it is important for anyone that is unsure of has any underlying health conditions to consult a doctor before making any major lifestyle (diet/exercise) changes just to be on the safe side. See question above on pregnancy also.

All fruit, fruit juices and smoothies contain a naturally occurring sugar called fructose. Fructose from whole fruit doesn’t add to your intake of free (or added) sugar because whole fruit contains fibre which helps to slow down the speed the fructose is absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Many fruit juices and smoothies, on the other hand, have most of the fibre (roughage) removed when they are made and it’s very easy to drink large quantities of sugar in a short space of time which spikes your blood glucose. 

As we include the whole fruit in all our drinks (yes even the juices), the fibre is retained throughout production and as a result all our juices and smoothies contain high levels of fibre.

Our protein smoothies have healthy fats from almond or hazelnut butter which also help reduce blood sugar levels further by slowing down fructose absorption even further. 

Of course, all the information we provide should never supersede what a doctor tells a patient and we'd recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before making any significant lifestyle change to be on the safe side! 

While the benefits of each product and the component ingredients have been heavily researched by our panel of experts, these benefits are more for informational purposes rather than guarantees of any specific result. Everyone’s body is different and reacts in slightly different ways. If you are unsure, please consult a healthcare professional first.

All of our ready-to-drink products are made in a custom-built production facility which has SALSA certification along with with a 5-star food hygiene standard rating. Its sole purpose is to create our range to the highest possible food safety standards

All of our products go through the following procedures to ensure they are both safe and match what you see on the label:

Raw materials are only purchased from approved suppliers, who have passed a strict auditing process.All raw materials are tested for contaminants, heavy metals and harmful microorganisms.Raw materials are checked against product specifications before being tested.Products are visually inspected again during production.Raw materials are weighed and dispensed.Once blended, the products undergo Organoleptic (taste/visual/smell) testing to ensure they match our detailed product specifications, before final approval.

Allergens / 'Free From'

Our entire range is gluten free - yay!

But as with all foods, there is a small risk of cross contamination from one of our suppliers of raw materials, but every effort has been made to limit any risk of cross contamination.

All of our bottles are labelled according to UK allergen regulations. You will find common allergens highlighted in bold.

We do not use peanuts in our products. We mostly use almonds and hazelnuts. Our facility handles nuts and other common allergens, meaning we cannot guarantee there will be no traces of nuts, even in products that may not directly contain them.

All our protein smoothies contain nuts. Our juice and shot range do not contain nuts, and are not produced in a facility that processes nuts. However, the facility does handle Celery.

Our products are soy free. However there is a small risk of cross contamination from one of our suppliers of raw materials. Please check each product page for more information.

Our products are GMO free. However there is a small risk of cross contamination from one of our suppliers of raw materials. Please check each product page for more information.


If you have not chosen a delivery date when ordering via the online shop using the calendar tool at checkout, we will typically have your drinks with you in around 2/3 working days depending on how much we have in stock. 

The longest you'll ever need to wait is 5 working days (I know, I know - seems like a lifetime after using Amazon Prime next day delivery so often - but I promise you this will taste better than 40 loo rolls) 

For more information on our delivery options, please visit our delivery information page.

We only ship to the UK with additional surcharges for delivery outside of mainland UK. Please see below.

For more information on our delivery options, please visit our delivery information page.

Standard shipping is free for all orders of £50 or more.

For more information on our delivery options, please visit our delivery information page.

We currently provide the following shipping options within the UK:

Standard Delivery (Tues --> Fri) - between 9am - 6pm
Morning* Delivery (Tues --> Fri) - between 9am - 12pm
Saturday* Delivery - between 9am - 6pm*

*There is a surcharge for these delivery options

It is not currently possible to specify an exact delivery time within these time slots. However, our courier DPD offers a delivery service whereby they inform customers of a one-hour delivery window notified by SMS and/or email. You can watch the progress of your delivery driver on a real-time map. If your plans change and you're not able to sign for your order, you can opt to deliver to a neighbour, have the parcel delivered to a safe place or collect your parcel from a local pickup shop.

Please note, our products are fresh, so it is recommended that the package is delivered to an address where it can be received as products held in postal depots cannot be guaranteed to be refrigerated whilst being held.

We can deliver our delicious range directly to your home or office. We currently deliver Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri & Sat (£10 supplement for Saturdays). 

Find out more about our delivery options here

Please leave instructions for the delivery driver to ensure they know where to leave your products.

Our bottles are sent out with frozen ice packs and sustainable wool or denim (for all-vegan product orders) insulation to keep them cool. We endeavour to get them to you within 24 hours of dispatch and you should refrigerate them as soon as you can.

Remember to give them a good shake (10 is the magic number). They are made from natural ingredients and contain no stabilisers so some separation is normal. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.

If your timeslot has passed with DPD please check your DPD email confirmation for more details. If you are still having issues, please contact us at and we will sort this for you as quickly as we can. Refer to our delivery section for T&Cs.

Firstly, we are really sorry to hear that, let’s try and get this sorted for you. If there are any issues or missing items please email us at Make sure you let us know by email within 6 hours of delivery.

We also provide delivery services to Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands, Scottish Highlands, Channel Isles, and Isle of Wight with a surcharge of £15 to cover the cost of two day delivery and extra packaging to keep it chilled for you.


It is possible to change your delivery address and delivery date up to two working days before your original delivery date by contacting us by email at Unfortunately, any changes requested after this deadline cannot be accommodated as they will already be on their way to you.

It is possible to cancel your order by emailing us at This must be received at least two working days before the delivery date. We cannot offer refunds or credits for cancellations after this time, sorry about that.

Firstly, we are really sorry to hear that, let’s try and get this sorted for you. If there are any issues or missing items please email us at Make sure you let us know by email within 6 hours of delivery.


You can decide on the delivery frequency when ordering your subscription for the first time, but you can always update your delivery plan as you please. Once you have subscribed, you have access to a calendar where you can manually skip or add any delivery date before the 48 hour cut-off time.

We are all about long-term change, not quick fixes baby!

Which is why new subscriptions have a minimum of three charges before they can be cancelled.

You can pause your subscription anytime. Simply head to your account, click ‘My Subscriptions’ and you’ll find the pause and cancel options there.

Sure, you can change the content of your box and try different recipes from one week to another. Just head to your account, select ‘My Subscriptions’ and edit your box.

Please note that you cannot change the content or date of your first order with us. Any update to an order that has already been placed (i.e. the first order of a new subscription) has to be made directly at Please make sure to reach out to us two working days prior to your scheduled delivery.

Yup! Just head to your account and click ‘build a new box’.

It is possible to change your delivery address and delivery date up to two working days before your original delivery date by contacting us by email at Unfortunately, any changes requested after this deadline cannot be accommodated as they will already be on their way to you.


Over 80% of our range is vegan. Look for the vegan symbol, the word 'vegan' circled on our range page.

Yes. We’ve formulated all our blends with pea, hemp seed and pumpkin seed protein to include a complete range of amino acids. Visit our vegan protein blend page to find out more.

No. Our protein is water extracted and no Hexane, Acids or Alkalis are used in its extraction.

This is something we are currently working on. However, our first priority as a brand is to ensure that only the highest-quality ingredients are used in our products. Sometimes these ingredients are certified organic, but sometimes they are not. We take a holistic approach on this and review each ingredient that goes into our product on a case-by-case basis to ensure that there is a benefit to choosing organic ingredients.

For example, for some ingredients choosing organic can offer added nutritional value. However for others, choosing organic can create an additional environmental impact, due to the extra land needed to farm organic produce. This is why it’s so important we look at this as a whole as well as at a micro level so that we can understand the trade-off between environmental impact and nutritional benefit vs. simply ticking the organic box.

Great question! At EXALT we take both sustainability and your personal preferences very seriously.

We can offer insulation made from denim offcuts rather than wool if you would prefer.

If you'd prefer denim insulation please be sure to add this to your order notes at checkout.

Denim is a great insulator, it's sustainable, and it's a clever way to give a second life to material that would have otherwise gone to waste.

However, occasionally we might need to use an alternative. In such cases, we use wool insulation. But don't worry, it's not just any wool. This is cruelty-free, fair-trade wool that would have otherwise been discarded. By using this wool, we can contribute even more to sustainability than if we used common alternatives like polystyrene (even if they are much cheaper)

Regardless of which insulation we use, please rest assured that the products inside your order are always 100% vegan.

We're committed to improving and refining our processes, and we greatly appreciate your understanding and support. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Check out some other great ways to reuse your packaging.


You can find out more about our commitment to sustainability and our Conscious Consumption framework. This covers our three areas of focus: 1) health & wellbeing, 2) our products & supply chain

You can find out more on the dedicated sustainability section of our website.

You can find out more about our commitment to responsible sourcing by visiting our sustainability page.

You might have noticed that we use oat milk rather than almond milk in many of our products which was a deliberate decision to avoid using almond milk.

We originally started out using peanut butter, but annoyingly all of the HPP processing centres (cold-pasteurisation) are strictly peanut-free, as are all of the HPP plants in the UK.

We use reusable pallets using the CHEP scheme. These are used to send our products to HPP and we endeavour to use suppliers who are signed up to the scheme where possible. CHEP operate a pallet pooling system based on repair and reuse. Pallets, including damaged ones are collected and repaired before re-entering the pool. The CHEP pallet lifecycle reduces waste wood and the amount of wood in pallet manufacture. As such pallet’s will last up to 10 times longer than the white-wood equivalent.

You can find out more about our commitment to responsible sourcing here.

Recycling & packaging

The plastic we use for our bottles has lived a previous life as another bottle before it reaches us, and so each recycled bottle varies in colour and finish. Fortunately for us, we’re far more interested in what’s inside than we are in our looks, so we hope you can look past this - after all, it’s for a good cause.

So if you notice that your bottle looks a little unique, then don’t worry - this is perfectly normal, and it in no way compromises the quality, taste, safety or hygiene of the bottle. It really is as good as new. You can find out more about what makes our bottle special by visiting our dedicated packaging page.

This is an area that we are very passionate about and have spent a lot of time working with our sustainability experts on. It will always be a work in progress but everything is 100% recyclable and we also use as much previously recycled material as possible to create our packing. Visit our packaging page to find out more about how you can recycle or some great ideas to reuse the materials.

The insulation pouches are made from all-natural, British sheep's wool (or denim-offcuts if you are vegan), housed inside a recyclable, food-grade polyethylene.

We’d love it if you can find another use for them. The insulation and ice packs make perfect picnic companions. Check out some other great ways to give them another life.

Our responsibly-sourced wool is 100% biodegradable, while the denim is 85% biodegradable. While we would love it to be 100%, that is currently not possible unfortunately, but it is still good to know that this denim would have otherwise gone to landfill had it not been made into insulation first.

Even if our wool ends up on a landfill, it will still naturally biodegrade within 6-12 months, unlike polystyrene which hangs around on our planet for another million years or so.

You bet!

We will send you a free returns label after every 5th order so you can send back your insulation and ice packs that have been clogging up your pantry!

For more information on how to resuse the packaging visit our dedicated section here. 💚


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All our customers can participate. To earn a voucher, the friend you refer needs to be a genuine referral (eg a new customer and have a different delivery address from yours) - so no shady tricks please.

We're a small business and abuse of the scheme can quickly add up and jeopardise our ability to continue offering such generous schemes,

If the scheme is misused we may cancel your referral vouchers or suspend your account.


Sign up here to become a member, earn points and exclusive rewards when you shop. You can earn points in many ways, such as following us on Instagram, leaving a review, and making purchases. We have a super generous rewards scheme where you earn 5 points for every £1 spent.

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Intermittent fasting

The 5:2 diet is intermittent fasting where you eat normally at five days a week and 'fast' or restrict your diet on two days.

To put it simply, your body goes through several changes when you don't eat. When you fast, your insulin level drops and your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) level increases - both of which promote fat burning. Your cells also start important cell repair processes and change which genes they express.

Many of our customers drink our EXALT smoothies and juices while doing the 5:2 diet. As our smoothies are low in calorie, you can drink it on days that you're fasting on. Similarly, our cold-pressed juices are packed with natural ingredients and vitamins, so they will keep you going as you fast.


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