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Every bottle is crafted by hand and made fresh to order using all-natural ingredients of the highest quality, and nothing else. Time to level up.

Cold-pressed juice menu


Type-A Fuel

Packed with 120mg of natural caffeine from Guatemalan coffee, this is our go-to breakfast in a bottle. Triple-release protein with organic whey and cacao will help to kick-start your day the right way. 500ml

From £5.35

Berry Beast

Everything your body needs to fuel whatever the day may bring. Feeling energised, fuller for longer and ready for anything. 500ml

 From £5.35

Verry Berry Vegan

Oh, it’s not a typo. We just rreally want you to understand just how packed full of berry goodness this vegan protein smoothie is. 500ml

From £5.35

Lean machine

A massive 40g of protein, all the core macronutrients but with lower calories at 290Kcal. Making it useful for those monitoring their calorie intake. Or perfect for post-workout recovery. 330ml

 From £4.45


330ml. An indulgent (but guilt-free) vegan chocolate hit. Rich organic cacao & creamy hazelnuts. The perfect low-sugar snack without any sacrifice. Just 370Kcal. 330ml

 From £4.45

Supercharged Cold-pressed juice


This natural energy drink is the ideal fix for that 4pm slump or as a pre-workout, with 150mg of natural caffeine. Blended with nutrient-packed black cherry and pomegranate. Caution, this one’s powerful. 330ml

From £4.45

Chilled AF

A refreshing raw fruit fix with a generous 15mg dose of a well-known organic plant extract. For when you really need to take the edge off. Chill out, focus in. 330ml

From £4.45

Better than B0t0x

This green juice contains all the good raw green stuff (kale and spinach), with apple, mango, lime & ginger. Injected with a massive 10g shot of collagen to give you that glow. No Instagram filter required. 330ml

From £4.45