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How much protein do you need? Learn the science behind protein intake & what dosage you need. Written by our experts. Find out more now.
Healthy snacks for work are achievable with a bit of prep. Ideas ideal for the office, home or commute. High protein. Try EXALT.
A common question you may ask yourself is ‘how much protein per day do I need to take?’. Getting the right protein dosage is an important part of caring for your body alongside your workout. Find out more...
Discover the nutritional pros & cons of plant-based meat. Is it as healthy as we think? Our experts tell all. Find out now.
Plant-based meat is everywhere these days, and soy-what? Why shouldn't it be? From Quorn, to the Impossible Burger, these high-protein foods are often labeled as "the future of meat", due to their cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and healthy macro-profile. But are these products as perfect as claimed?
Learn why we need vitamin D. Known as the sunshine vitamin - it benefits your bones & muscles. Discover how EXALT can help you increase your intake.