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The Journal

Self-love is the key to steady progress — you can't bully yourself into a better you!
This one upcoming collab really makes us kinda (Ok REALLY) proud — we're collaborating with Nike to celebrate their birthday with an exclusive EXALT drink and a series of events. 
The sugar content of the UK's Coffee is skyrocketing. So how can you make your coffee run less of a sugar-rush sprint and more of a productive, healthy fun-run?
The UK's Italian chain restaurants are hiding a (not-so-great) secret ingredient. And no, it's not oregano!
When you go out to a restaurant you’re trying to enjoy yourself (sorry plain salads!) and get some wholesome carby goodness too. So what are your options? 
Discover the 5 areas of your life to level up to achieve Rich B*itch status by living deeply and authentically.