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The Journal

Our new Partnership Manager, Dan Hyman, is offering EXALT customers an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT on his world-class coaching package at EATLOOKFEEL! You're not just joining a program; you're igniting a revolution in your health routine. Find out more. 
We've partnered with the Baltimore Ravens for the NFL! If you thought the Ravens had an extra flutter in their wings this season, you'd be spot on. Could it be a hint of that EXALT magic they tasted? Find out more.
This one upcoming collab really makes us kinda (ok, REALLY) proud — we're been collaborating with Nike for a series of events. 
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - OFFICIAL SPORTS NUTRITION SUPPLIER. This makes all those 21hr days (and sleepless nights) worth it...EXALT is now the Official Sports Nutrition Drink Supplier for Tottenham Hotspur!  ⚽ 🐓 💙
Self-love is the key to steady progress — you can't bully yourself into a better you!
The sugar content of the UK's Coffee is skyrocketing. So how can you make your coffee run less of a sugar-rush sprint and more of a productive, healthy fun-run?
The UK's Italian chain restaurants are hiding a (not-so-great) secret ingredient. And no, it's not oregano!
When you go out to a restaurant you’re trying to enjoy yourself (sorry plain salads!) and get some wholesome carby goodness too. So what are your options? 
Discover the 5 areas of your life to level up to achieve Rich B*itch status by living deeply and authentically.