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Six Simple Strategies for a Healthier 2024


Break Through to Brilliance

🎉 Welcome to 2024, where the only thing more predictable than the 'New Year, New Me' declarations is the endless rain. So, grab your cuppa (or protein smoothie) and let’s dive into six powerful ways to upgrade your health this year – without feeling like you’re living in an eternal boot camp.

1) Just start

Waiting for the perfect moment to start your health journey is like waiting for a polite conversation on Twitter – ain’t happening. Just start somewhere. Even if it’s as small as swapping your biscuit for an apple, it’s a start.

2) Enjoy the ride

If it’s not enjoyable, it’s not sustainable. Take the time necessary to find the food & exercise you enjoy. It may take a little trial & error initially, but when it’s enjoyable, it’s easy to maintain, & when it's easy to maintain, positive results look after themselves.It's all about the formula: Enjoyment + Motivation = Astonishing Results.


3) Consistency Trumps Intensity

Your health is a long-term game and the best shortcut is to realise there is no shortcut.

For example, three workouts a week over six months are better than a month of daily gym sessions that leave you exhausted. Balance is key.

You don't have to obsess over your health every waking moment – being 'all-in' isn't the goal. But equally, turning a blind eye and going 'all-out' isn't the way either. Striking the perfect balance is key; it's about mindful attention, not constant obsession.

Find the right balance for you, one in which you can bring intention to your health daily for the long term but also avoid sacrificing the things that are important to you.


4) Back to Basics

Before you jump on the latest health trend bandwagon, sort out the essentials – sleep, steps, hydration. These are the unsung heroes of health, much like the NHS. 

😴  7+ hours of sleep (or 4 hours if you are a small business owner editing this at 2am)...

👠  8-12k steps

🚰  3+ litres of water

After all, you wouldn’t build a house without laying the foundations first, would you?

5) Be Selfish

Likely high up your priority list this year is to provide for the people that you care about but you can't pour from an empty cup. Sometimes the least selfish thing you can do is to be selfish & prioritise your health. A healthier, happier you is a better parent, friend, partner, leader, colleague etc. And who doesn’t want to be around a happy person?

6) Change requires change

Change is about as comfortable as sitting in the middle seat of a packed Ryanair flight. It’s going to be awkward and a bit cramped, but it's a part of the journey.

When it does come, sit with it & remind yourself this is natural & this is what growth feels like.If you didn't want the results you wouldn't have started in the first place. Keep going.


So, let’s raise a glass (of our green juice) to a year where 'healthier' doesn't mean 'boring’. Now go get out there, massage your muscles, seduce your spinach, tease your tofu and wink at your wheatgrass because, in our kitchen, healthy living is an alluring affair. 💚

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Let’s dive into six powerful ways to upgrade your health this year – without feeling like you’re living in an eternal boot camp.



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