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How to Make Protein Shakes

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Making protein shakes is the ultimate step in nailing your nutrition. But how is it best to make them? We're not gonna give away our secret sauce, but making your own protein shake can be a great way to quickly provide your body with what it needs to recover. Learn how to make a protein shake with our guide to straight-forward, delicious nutrition below!

What you'll learn:

  • 5 Ways to to Make Protein Shakes
  • Importance of Drinking Protein Shakes
  • When to Drink a Protein Shake

5 Ways to to Make Protein Shakes

When learning how to make a protein shake, it's important to know that there are a few different options to choose from when selecting the foundations to build your protein masterpiece on. You can use protein powder to make a protein shake with water, milk, and even milk alternatives. With each shake you make, you should be aiming to include complete proteins and essential amino acids, so with that in mind, here are a few ways you can make protein shakes to support your athletic performance:

Protein Powder & Water

The simplest way to make a protein shake is to use protein powder and water. For a creamy and smooth shake which can help you stay lean and manage weight loss, use organic whey protein powder. Add a scoop of powder to your bottle, add water, then shake until it all mixes into your very own delicious shake to drink after your workout. Simple, right? 

For those following a plant-based diet, use vegan protein powder instead, to create a delicious, nutritious plant-based shake. How much protein powder to use will depend on your height, weight, age, and exercise level. 

Protein Powder & Milk

Similar to the water method, you can combine protein blends and milk to create a thicker, creamer protein shake. You could use cow’s milk to make the protein shake, as it contains essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium and vitamin D. Plus, it's an excellent source of protein. If you follow a plant-based diet you could use a vegan alternative milk to make your protein shake. These can contain varying amounts of calories and macros, and there are lots of different alt-milks to choose from. 

use multiple protein sources to make your protein shake

Adding Flavours

Once you’ve made a protein shake with water or milk, you might want to get creative with flavours. EXALT whey protein powder gives you the choice between cacao whey protein or vanilla whey protein. Our plant-based blend is available in vanilla vegan protein, as well as delicious vegan cacao protein. Adding these awesome blends is the best way to enhance the flavour when you make a protein shake.

You could even experiment (like us!) with adding different complementary flavours to your drinks. For a protein-fuelled addition, try adding peanut butter or almond butter. They’ll provide a nutty sweetness and give a natural protein boost. You could use bananas as a base for your smoothie, to provide a potassium boost as well as adding their delicious flavour. Adding oats is a great way to mix in some texture. Pro tip: add them before blending to thicken up the mixture with an extra protein & fibre boost. 

Add Protein Powder to Smoothies

A great way to make a creative protein shake is to add protein powder to your usual fruit & veg smoothies. Depending on your preferred ingredients, you can tailor your shake's taste over time, and blow your friends minds' with your tasty custom creations. Opt for a chocolate or vanilla flavour protein powder to complement your selection of ingredients. Add all your favourite nuts, fruits, vegetables, and protein powder to a blender, blitz, and enjoy! 

Use a milk base for a thicker, creamier texture, to help with bulking. While a water-base can create a leaner shake. Why not try incorporating cold-pressed juices into your smoothies, to create a refreshing after-gym thirst-quencher. 

Use Our Pre-Packaged Protein Shakes

Making your own protein shake can be a fun and creative way to balance your nutrition. Sometimes though, you don’t have the time or the energy to be spending the morning creating your healthy concoction. Instead, you need to get going to work, the gym, or your busy day out! 

include our protein shakes in your daily workout routine

So, why not let us help you out? EXALT protein shakes come pre-packaged in convenient bottles, ready to keep up with your busy lifestyle. You can drink them on their own, or add them to your favourite ingredients and blend together to create a delicious fresh protein smoothie. No matter your preference, our drinks are made with raw ingredients, unpasteurised, and delivered to perfection. No one has to miss out either, with vegan protein smoothies available, everyone can find convenient ways to supplement their diet with protein. 

Importance of Drinking Protein Shakes

Protein is an essential macronutrient you need to stay fit and healthy. Proteins make up vital structures within your body, and are imperative to your muscle and bone health. Knowing how to make a protein shake can be a helpful step towards completing your balanced diet with the necessary protein dosage you need per day. Perfect to help your post-workout recovery in the best way. Once you know how to make a protein shake, you can include them in your everyday routine. This can help to keep you fuller for longer, fuel your performance, manage your blood sugar, and boost your mood. 

When to Drink a Protein Shake

Once you’ve learnt how to make a protein shake, the next step is to know when to drink it. It’s all well and good knowing how to create a delicious, nutritious recipe, but you need to take it at the right time for it to be effective. Obviously, the best time to drink a protein shake is after your workout. Preferably, during the “anabolic window” which is for around 3 hours after your session. Whether an athlete or a beginner, a protein shake can help your muscles to recover once you’ve pushed yourself at the gym, or reached the finish line of a race. Make sure you prepare for your session in the right way too, with EXALT pre-workout energy drinks and powder to provide you with the boost you need to combat that rowing machine or mile counter. No matter your preference, you can make a delicious high protein breakfast to get your day off to a great-tasting, nutritious start.

Why Choose EXALT?

At EXALT, we specialise in great-tasting drinks which care for your health, combined with sustainability. We use recycled packaging and a zero emissions delivery service in London. Check out our meal replacement drinks and juice cleanses to support your healthy lifestyle. 

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