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Juice Cleanses: Benefits & What to Avoid

Learn to do a juice cleanse

Juice cleanse benefits — what are they? Juice cleanses help you to work towards healthy weight loss and achieve personal body or health goals. There are juice cleanses out there that make unsupported claims with no scientific backing. But at EXALT, we are focused on providing you with a juice diet that is full of nutrients and helps you to hit your calorie deficit targets. 

Our macro-complete juice cleanses come conveniently bottled, delivered to your door on ice, fresh and ready to drink straightaway. Read on to explore the core benefits of EXALT juice cleanses and see how a change in your regular routine could help you to manage your health, and your weight, sustainably.

What you'll learn:

  • 7 Benefits of EXALT Juice Cleanses
  • Getting Started with an EXALT Juice Cleanse
  • What to Avoid
  • How to Juice Cleanse

7 Benefits of EXALT Juice Cleanses

There are so many benefits to EXALT juice cleanses, providing you follow our pro tips!. Before starting a juice cleanse, you need to consider your health, wellbeing, and nutrition. While some of the claims out there can be exaggerated, with EXALT, we’re dedicated to a no BS approach; providing delicious sources of nutrition without affecting your exercise regime. No yo-yo diets over here!

Our juice cleanses are the best because:

1.You can still exercise - You’ll find protein shakes that contain our signature premium protein powder in our juice plans which provide a macro-complete meal. So you’ll receive a balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates, not just the pasteurized sugar water that other cleanses push. As a result of the smoothie’s high protein content, you can still complete your regular workout without the risk of losing your gains.

Our 330ml bottles contain a minimum of 20g whey protein powder or vegan protein powder. So when you’re considering a change to your routine, consider a super-charged protein juice cleanse and keep the benefits of regular exercise!

2.Convenience is key - juice cleanses are a simple way to take control of your nutrition. If you’re juicing with good quality ingredients, it can be a straightforward way to include fruits and vegetables in your diet without the extra hassle of chopping and cooking. EXALT uses cold-pressed juices to create delicious drinks full of natural ingredients. You may be wondering ‘what is cold-pressed juice?’, and the answer is a method of juicing which locks in essential vitamins and minerals from their raw ingredients. You can take them with you everywhere you go - conveniently bottled for your enjoyment. 

3.You can drink the drinks in any order- With EXALT cleanses, you can drink your drinks in any order you like. You can select your favourite to start your day with a high protein breakfast, or a delicious natural energy drink juice to wake up with one refreshing sip. 

4.They’re available for vegans - If you’re following a plant-based diet, you can still see the benefits of a juice cleanse with our vegan-friendly juices and shakes. Select the plant-based option when you order to receive only vegan smoothies and juices. That way, no one has to miss out on their essential macros whilst on a juice cleanse.

5.You’ll receive ongoing expert support - You have all of the information you need to complete your cleanse with a guided handbook once your order is complete. You’ll receive an email containing our steps to help you see those juice cleanse benefits for yourself. Plus, you can reach out to us at any time during the plan for advice and guidance on your cleanse.

6.Drinks last up to 14 days in the fridge - Our drinks last up to 2 weeks in the fridge, meaning you can see the benefits of of our juice cleanse for longer. If you have to delay, or need to take a day off - you can! You’re in charge, and your drinks will be waiting for you when you’re ready. We make all of our drinks fresh to order, and if you select the two week juice cleanse option, you’ll receive your drinks in two parts - week one and week two. That way, your drinks will remain fresh and delicious, and you’ll have more room in the fridge too. 

7.Sustainable weight management - A cleanse can provide an assessment of your current eating habits and help you to take stock of your usual portions. However, losing weight by drinking juices is not always sustainable. Any weight you may lose could return once your cleanse is over. That’s why it’s important to include nutritious and macro-complete drinks, like we offer, in order to see any sustainable juice cleanse benefits.  

EXALT cold pressed juice and healthy foods

These juice cleanse benefits are within your reach if you are careful about both what you cleanse with and how you go about it. You need to be disciplined and ensure you’re focused on your goals throughout the cleanse. It’s important to keep in check with your body and mental wellbeing — these cleanses aren’t supposed to be torture! (Although some cleanses out there might aswell be!) 

Getting Started with an EXALT Juice Cleanse

The EXALT Life - This is our drinks-only juice diet which helps you take control of your nutrition. With options from 1-day to 14-days, you’ll receive 6 drinks per day: 2 cold-pressed juices and 4 protein smoothies. A typical day provides around 1,100 calories with high-protein contents.

An EXALT protein smoothie is the perfect way to add protein to your cleanse

The EXALT Reset - This 3 to 14-day nutrition plan comes with meals to support your health alongside your juice cleanse benefits. You’ll receive meals freshly prepared by Michelin-trained chefs at MunchFit. A typical day offers approximately 1,200 calories per day, promoting a sustainable calorie deficit. 

What to Avoid

The benefits of juice cleanses are only attainable when you prioritise your health and wellbeing. If you’re asking yourself "are juice cleanses healthy?”, there are a few things which can make a difference. Not taking the cleanse seriously, trying to make an abrupt change, and not listening to your body can lead to unhealthy habits. Here are some of the things to avoid when completing a cleanse:

1.Going straight in - If you’ve never done a juice cleanse before, it may be difficult to make the switch all at once for the duration of your liquid-diet. Even if you only pick a one day juice cleanse, it may leave you dreaming of your favourite snacks. Instead, try replacing just one meal with a meal replacement drink. Try this a few times, to get used to having a drink instead of your usual meal. This can help you get all the benefits of a juice cleanse, because you’ll actually be able to complete it. 

2.Exercising too much!Not all cleanses are created equal. You need to be getting the proper macros in order to continue your exercise routine, or you could lose all your muscle gains! That’s why EXALT juice cleanses contain protein, to provide macro-complete meal replacement smoothies, which means you can continue to exercise without worrying. 

3.Focusing on the wrong goals. When embarking on a liquid-diet, it’s important to consider why you are taking part. If the juice cleanse benefit you’re after is purely about the way you look, you may be leading toward unhealthy habits. Keep your head up, you are beautiful! Health comes first, always, not looks. So whilst managing your weight is possible with a cleanse, you need to also consider your nutrition and health at the same time.

Making positive changes takes time, consistency, and your body’s wellbeing takes top priority. Whilst a benefit of a juice cleanse can be the opportunity to take stock of your eating habits, you need to listen to your body. If your body is telling you to eat - listen! Just go for something small and healthy, like some lean meat and raw veg.

4.Not drinking enough water - Although it may seem that you’re intaking enough water because you’re drinking your meals, this isn’t the case. It’s important to still hydrate with water while you complete your cleanse. Between your juices and smoothies, drink plenty of water to provide the essentials your body needs. 

5.Doing it alone - While you may have to convince your friends, partners, or family to indulge you, it can be easier to see the benefits of a juice cleanse if you pick a buddy to do it with you. You’ll be more motivated, and more likely to finish the cleanse if you have someone to share the experience with. You can keep checking in with each other throughout the day, and even discuss your favourite juices (just don’t get booted from your group chat for judging your besties TGI Friday’s double-cheese burger — guilty!)

How to Juice Cleanse

Planning your juice cleanse

Juice cleanse benefits are only a click away with EXALT. Freshly made, designed by our nutritional experts, and delivered to your door, here’s step-by-step how to do a juice cleanse from EXALT: 

1.Choose which juice cleanse you wish to complete - with 1, 3, 5, 7, or 14 day options available:

1 day juice cleanse - The shortest of our cleanses, to provide a break in your routine and kickstart new habits.
3 day juice cleanse - Spend a few days replacing your meals with juices and protein smoothies to assess your current eating habits.
5 day juice cleanse - Do your cleanse over the weekdays, or extend from the weekend, to restart your habits and prioritise nutrition.
7 day juice cleanse - Spend a week aligning your goals with your current eating habits and see how a week of cold-pressed juices can help you feel more motivated to focus on your health.
14 day juice cleanse - For longer goals like weight loss and body confidence, a two-week cleanse is the one for you.

2.Select your dietary requirements - whey protein, vegan, as well as caffeine-free. 

3.Receive your handbook via email after your purchase, as well as access to ongoing support.

4.Receive your bottles of deliciousness! 

5.Follow the handbook and/or meal plan and enjoy your drinks.

6.If you selected a 2 week plan, you’ll receive your second week of drinks in a new delivery for maximum freshness.

Reintroduce nutritional habits into your every day with juice cleanse benefits, conveniently bottled for on-the-go cleansing. 

Delicious Nutrition from EXALT

We provide the solution to delicious, healthy nutrition with sustainability in mind. We use recycled packaging and a zero emissions delivery service in London. From pre-workout energy to post-workout recovery, help fuel your performance with EXALT.

include our protein shakes in your daily workout routine

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