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Outwit The Winter Slump

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SSpotted that, did you? A chap in the shower, pen in hand? Seems odd, but hold onto your shower caps – it's about to all come together in a way that's less puzzling than a shampoo bottle's instructions...

So, you know how 80% of New Year's resolutions get ditched quicker than you’d leave a date with a conspiracy theorist who claims every world leader is a lizard in disguise. Well, we're here to save you from becoming a statistic in the Great Resolution Abandonment of 2024.

Habits are crucial, playing a major role in our overall well-being. Whether it's embracing new positive habits or breaking up with the bad ones, developing routines that align with your goals is key.

What you'll learn:

That’s why we’re stepping in with four easy, science-backed health hacks ideas we think you’ll love incorporating this year. These aren't your garden-variety, 'eat your greens' suggestions.

Our advice? Give them a dedicated try for a week and notice the difference. You might just be surprised at what becomes a part of your daily rhythm. We're not pushing for an extreme makeover; we're advocating for small, meaningful changes that can make a significant impact.

1)  Journaling Joy

Benefts of journalling.jpg__PID:d5ccc8a2-d303-4c5c-b1b0-5287effbfdb9

Now, don't roll your eyes. Journaling isn't just for your teenage self. It's a science-backed path to zen. Scribbling down your thoughts can reduce stress, boost your mood, and even strengthen your emotional functions. Ref [1]. Jotting down a win, a gratitude note, or tomorrow's plans each night isn’t just about being organised; it’s about giving your brain a mini spa break. So, grab that pen and let your inner Shakespeare loose – your brain will thank you for it.

2) Chill Challenge

Ever thought of turning your shower dial to Antarctica? Hear me out. Ending your shower with a 30-second cold blast is like giving your body a wake-up call from a rock concert. It's not just about proving you're as tough as a polar bear; research suggests cold showers can increase endorphins, those happy little chemicals in your brain, and might even improve your immune response [2]. So, channel your inner Elsa and let the cold in!

Benefits of Cold Water Showers.jpg__PID:583fb491-5496-4206-9b3e-30312546ecb2

3) Hydration Heaven

Let's talk water – and no, not just for your houseplants. Starting your day with a good old H2O gulp (we’re talking 500ml to 1L) isn’t just a trend; it’s science, darling. When you wake up, your body is practically a desert from fasting all night. Hydration first thing in the morning kick-starts your brain and body into action, with studies showing it can boost your metabolism by up to 30% for about an hour[3]. So, pucker up and kiss that water glass like it's the love of your life.

Benefits of Hydration.jpg__PID:a2dc3939-e78d-4870-b224-41ffdfd59d7d

4) Step It Up

Last but not least, let's get stepping. No, not a dance routine (although, feel free), but aiming for 8-12k steps a day. It’s not just a random number; walking this much can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, improve your heart health, and boost your mood and creativity [4]. Walk, strut, saunter – make every step count.

Walking benefits for health.jpg__PID:75267c4e-8e5e-41f2-8543-062d538b2133

Let us know how you get on

Alright cuties, that's your lot. Whip these tricks into your routine and give us a shout on how it goes.  Share your triumphs, and even your fails with us on Instagram – let's see if you can join the ranks of the shower-journaling elite. 🌟📔🚿

👩🏻‍🔬 The Science 🔬

1) Stice, E., Burton, E., Kate Bearman, S. and Rohde, P. (2007). Randomised trial of a brief depression prevention program: An elusive search for a psychosocial placebo control condition. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 45(5), pp.863–876. doi:

2) Espeland, D., de Weerd, L. and Mercer, J.B. (2022). Health effects of voluntary exposure to cold water – a continuing subject of debate. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 81(1). doi:

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4) Hijikata, Y. (2011). Walking just after a meal seems to be more effective for weight loss than waiting for one hour to walk after a meal. International Journal of General Medicine, [online] p.447. doi:

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