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Morning Glory (5)

Subscription: £25.20
Standard: £28.00

Breakfast covered for the week. Whether running out of the door, jumping on a zoom call (ever tried cereal simultaneously?) or just getting some routine back. The breakfast bundle means one less thing to worry about. Both packed with everything you need to start the day right.

  • 3x Type-A-Fuel: Fuel your day. Double espresso mixed with Signature Cacao protein blend and oats. For those who need to be on top of their game.

  • 2x Berry Beast: Everything you need for the day ahead. Signature Vanilla protein blend with mixed berries and oats. Leaving you energised and fuller for longer

These are made fresh so the shelf life is from 8 days depending on your chosen delivery date.

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  • No artificial additives
  • GMO free
  • Soy free

What's good about it?

Signature triple-release protein

Loaded with antioxidants

Vitamin C boost

Helps fight inflammation

Natural. Zero freaky stuff

What's in it?

Organic Madagascan vanilla protein

Mixed berries

Overnight oats


Almond butter


Your go-to breakfast in a bottle. Our signature triple-release protein with organic whey and cacao is blended with a double shot of single-origin co­ffee, grown by smallholder farmers in Guatemala, to help you kickstart your day, along with overnight oats and dates for a little natural sweetness.

Aptly named for the Type-A-personalities of this world, this bottle fuels those who always need to be on top of their game, morning, afternoon or night.

Berry Beast

Berry Beast has everything your body needs to fuel whatever the day may bring. Our signature triple-release protein with organic whey and Madagascan vanilla is mixed with plenty of berries, overnight oats, banana and almond butter, providing a powerful burst of vitamins and antioxidants.

This one will leave you feeling energised, full for longer and ready for anything.