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Alex Cook

Sports and endurance dietitian

BSc(hons) Pg. Dip. RD. United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) Coach & Ultra Runner

Alex Cook is a registered clinical and sports dietician with over a decade of experience in dietary management, nutrition planning and sports performance. Specialising in endurance nutrition and supporting a range of athletes, from ultra distance enthusiasts to elite level junior athletes, and assisting with multi-day expeditions in challenging environments.

Alex has had varied experience in the past, having worked with the Ministry of Defence, NHS and a number of rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics too. She is a contributor to a number of publications within the diet and fitness industries including Athletics Weekly, Running Fitness,Trail Running magazine, Fit and Well and Woman's Own.

Alex has worked with EXALT previously to analyse the ingredients used in our products and help us to create formulas that work to support sports performance, so you can become the best version of yourself at the grab of a bottle.


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