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7 Healthy Snack Ideas for Work

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Healthy Work Snack Ideas
  • The Importance of Healthy Work Snacks
  • Best Work Snacks to Take to the Office
  • The "Don'ts" of Workplace Snacking
  • Delicious Nutritional Drinks from EXALT

Which Healthy Snacks to Take to Work?

Which healthy snacks to take to the office?

That’s what you may ask yourself after you’ve just ordered in your second nutritionally-questionable delivery this week.

Don’t get down about it — everyone’s workload is higher than usual right now. And that can lead to stress eating!

But no matter how busy you get, it is possible to carve out a few minutes to prepare some healthy snacks for work instead — that’s going to make you less stressed, and healthier in general.

make the right choice when it comes to office snacking

Let’s break out of the easy but not-so-healthy typical ‘snacks’  (we’re looking at you £4 meal deal with a bag of crisps) and get some high-protein & lower calorie snacks ready for work!

The Importance Of Healthy Work Snacks

When you’re hungry, you’re not rational. Especially when your work-load is piling up!

So you might be tempted to crack out some ‘healthy’ cereal bars (full of sugar!) or a bag of crisps at your desk.

Hey, it’s either that, or you might get snarky with a co-worker and regret it later after you’ve had a bite to eat.

That’s why it’s important to prepare some filling, yet low calorie, high protein office snacks to stave off hunger-pangs. There’s a prevalent myth that high-sugar foods help you think — “It’s brain food” your nan might have told you. But no, stay away from that mega-triple-chocco bar and coca-cola, please!

(Try an all natural, no added sugar bottle of EXALT cold-pressed juice instead?) But, then… What snacks to take to work?

Best Work Snacks to Take to the Office

Here’s our list of the best work snacks to take to the office  (or home-office!)

  • A protein shake

    That’s right, the classic. You’ll feel much fuller after having a quick protein shake — especially if you’re pushed for time.

    But grab-and-go smoothies from the supermarket are often jam-packed with added sugar. You can run up 300-700 calories with this quick “snack,” which won’t keep you feeling full.

    EXALT protein shakes contain our signature premium protein powder that is specially formulated to provide a macro-complete meal, filling you up, whilst keeping true to our ‘no-added sugar’ promise.

    If you’re following a plant-based diet, you can still grab a protein shake with our vegan smoothies and juices. Just don’t leave them in the office fridge overnight, or they’ll be gone by the morning! 
  • Overnight Oats

    Not just a way of getting in a high protein breakfast, overnight oats also make for a great snack when you’re feeling peckish. Plus, it has a low calorie content and contains a lot of fibre. 

    BBC GoodFood has a selection of different recipes to try— we love their Rasberry Kafir option! 
  • Carrot sticks & hummus

    It’s cheap (if you cut your own mini carrot sticks like it’s christmas eve every night) and cheerful (if you add a little something extra to the hummus).

    Hummus has been shown to help with improving blood sugar control, digestive health, lowering heart disease risk and even weight loss.
  • Protein Pots 

    Make them with steak, chicken, soy, quorn, whatever your favourite form of protein is — a bit of rice, a dash of avo, some soy sauce or whatever other flavour you fancy, and a little bit of high protein goodness. Then keep them in the office fridge. It’s like a mini stir fry, but microwaveable!

    We love this simple steak & broccoli option.
  • Hard-boiled eggs

    We love to make half a dozen at the beginning of the week and store them in our office fridge.

    They're high in protein, with about 6 gram per egg, with only 78 calories! They're also rich in vitamins B12, D & B6, and high in iron (great for keeping that blood pumping!) 

    To make them a little more exciting, try a low-fat Spicy Mayo dip (just mix in some sriracha to some low-fat mayo) 
  • Nuts

    Just go nuts with every different kind (stay away from the salted ones, obviously) and keep a bowl at your desk. Nuts are a good source of protein, and contain some heart-healthy unsaturated fats.

    This lowers cholesterol levels, making nuts some of the best quick & easy snacks going.
  • Salmon and chive bagel topper

    You may get a few sideways glances and sniffs of the nose at the office for this one — but we say go for it… and maybe get permission from your desk-buddy first. At least it’s not a can of mackerels, right?

Avoid This When Workplace Snacking…

  • Neglecting H2O

    If you’re on one of our healthy juice cleanses, it may seem that you’re getting enough water because you’re drinking your meals, but this isn’t the case — you need water to function! If you’re feeling low on energy, the first thing you should do is hydrate.
  • Uninspired snacks

    If you’re working hard, you want a lunch or mid-afternoon snack that you can actually look forward to. By just bundling up a bunch of plain nuts, or something equally plain, you’re more likely to ignore your own snacks and go for something more tempting (like another high-sugar snack)

    So treat yourself like someone you love, and premake some snacks that make you excited to go on a snack break! 
  • Going too smelly 

    Yes, a tin of mackerel is technically a healthy snack. But your relationship with your co-workers is more valuable, if you get what we’re saying.
  • Winging it

     Prepare your snacks the day before — think of it as giving a gift to your future self. They’ll love past you for it… wait present you… um. 

Make Snacks Simple with EXALT

We provide a macro complete snack in a bottle, with fresh raw fruit & veg... and it’s never pasteurised, this is fresh as it gets. We also focus on sustainability, using recycled packaging and a zero emissions delivery service in London, so you’ll get extra props in the office for that. 

At EXALT, we specialise in providing delicious nutritional drinks and protein powder. Whether you’re looking to boost your gym session with pre-workout energy or kickstart your healthy day with a breakfast smoothie.

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