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Free Delivery for Orders £50+

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Gym Bunny (9)

Elevate workout routines with a specially curated bundle, engineered for optimal performance and recovery.

  • 3 x Morning Glory Breakfast - Guaranteed to get anyone up in the morning with double espresso mixed with EXALT signature cacao vegan protein and oats. For those who need to be on top of their game.
  • 3 x Higher Energy – to supercharge workouts or get through that 4pm slump. 150mg of natural caffeine blended with nutrient-packed cherry and pomegranate.
  • 3 x Lean Machine - a massive 40g of organic whey protein, lower-calorie and all the core macronutrients needed plus a touch of salt to replenish those electrolytes. The perfect post-workout shake.


These are made fresh to order so the juices have a 21-day shelf life & meal replacements have from 14 days depending on your chosen delivery date with a minimum of 7-days life guaranteed.

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