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A Guide to Cold Pressed Juices

Dan Wilson-Vaughan | EXALT Co-Founder

learn whether juice cleanses are healthy and how EXALT can help

You may be asking yourself: what is cold pressed juice? It’s a term we hear thrown around when it comes to nutritional drinks and a healthy lifestyle. What exactly is cold pressed juice, what are the benefits, and how can you get the most from your juices? Our expert guide to what cold pressed juice is takes you through all you need to know.

Table of Contents

  • What is Cold Pressed Juice?
  • Are Cold Pressed Juices Healthy?
  • Trying A Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse
  • EXALT Cold Pressed Juices
  • Juices vs Smoothies

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold pressed juice is what we call juice which has undergone a certain procedure in order to be extracted from its raw ingredients. The reason it is called cold pressed is because there is no heat involved. The pressed part comes from the hydraulic press which is used to extract the juices from the fruits and vegetables.

At EXALT, our cold pressed juices are made using the cold pressed juice method. That way, each bottle is packed full of fresh, raw, unpasteurised goodness. You can enjoy a refreshing, great-tasting sip, and experience all the benefits of the juices. Once you know what a cold pressed juice is, you can be more informed when it comes to picking your perfect bottle.

Are Cold Pressed Juices Healthy?

We now know what a cold pressed juice is, and that they do not get exposed to heat. Therefore, they retain more of the vitamins and minerals than regular juices. This means cold pressed juices are healthy because they contain vital nutrients your body needs. Other methods of juicing which may include heating may remove these essential elements from the raw ingredients. These can include important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D or those nutrients which benefit your immune system

Each bottle of EXALT cold pressed juice is crafted by hand and made fresh to order. We use all-natural, luxury ingredients of the highest quality to ensure they are the healthiest they can be. With our experts’ help, we work hard to provide the perfect balance of everything your body needs, all in one bottle!

Trying A Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

Cold pressed juices contain important nutrients, which can help your body recharge. Whether you’re reassessing your nutrition, returning to training after a break, or realigning your lifestyle, knowing how to do a juice cleanse can be a great way to reset. However, if you're asking, "are juice cleanses healthy?", then you should know not all juice cleanses are created equally. It’s important to go about them in the right way to see the juice cleanse benefits you are after. 

  • The EXALT Reset 14 day juice cleanse, includes cold pressed juices, as well as our protein smoothies, with a tailored meal plan and ongoing support. 
  • The EXALT Life juice cleanse lets you choose from 1 to 14 days of great tasting cold pressed juices and protein smoothies to guide you through:

    1 day juice cleanse - The shortest of our cleanses, to provide a break in your routine and kickstart new habits. 
    3 day juice cleanse - Spend a few days replacing your meals with juices and protein smoothies to assess your current eating habits.
    5 day juice cleanse - Do your cleanse over the weekdays, or extend from the weekend, to restart your habits and prioritise nutrition.
    7 day juice cleanse - Spend a week aligning your goals with your current eating habits and see how a week of cold-pressed juices can help you feel more motivated to focus on your health.
    14 day juice cleanse - For longer goals like weight loss and body confidence, a two-week cleanse is the one for you.

A cold pressed juice cleanse is different, because they contain the raw nutrients contained in the fruit and vegetables used to make them. EXALT juice cleanse juices are made with this cold pressed method, meaning every bottle locks in delicious flavours and beneficial ingredients. 

EXALT Cold Pressed Juices

At EXALT, our cold pressed juices are handmade in London, from fresh, delicious ingredients. Choose a natural caffeine boost, or 10g of collagen, look after your gut health, or get a vitamin C boost. Our cold pressed juices have nutritional benefits, thanks to the cold pressing method, they retain all these in every bottle: 

  • Nip & Tuck - Flavours of apple, mango, kale, and spinach are combined with bovine collagen peptides. Collagen benefits your skin and your joint health, so you can support your body with this great-tasting juice. 
  • Higher Energy - Flavours of cherry and pomegranate in this combination packs a delicious punch. Made with 150mg of natural caffeine to aid performance, this vibrant cold pressed juice is sure to get you going - ideal as a pre workout drink. Containing adaptogens, this drink contains 99% of your daily intake of vitamins C and A. Wake up, using our Natural Energy Complex blend. 
  • Glow Up - Flavours of apple, mango, and kiwi swirl together to support your gut health. This one features antioxidants, Vitamin C and chicory root extract. This indulgent juice, suitable for a plant-based diet, cares for you while you enjoy a refreshing sip all in one. 
  • Chilled AF- Flavours of pineapple, mango, and orange combine with 300mg of Passion Flower, thought to help with stress and prepare the mind for sleep. Relax and enjoy as you wind down on a restorative lazy Sunday! Enjoy cold pressed juices with that tropical fix.

Our cold pressed juices stay fresh in the fridge for up to 14 days, so they’re ready whenever you need a refreshing pick-me-up, or for the next day of your cleanse. 

Why Choose EXALT?

We specialise in convenient drinks packed with nutrients. From meal replacement drinks to organic whey protein, you can support your active lifestyle with EXALT. 

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