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Morning Glory Breakfast - 330ml

Guaranteed to get you up in the morning with a double shot of Guatemalan coffee & EXALT cacao vegan protein blended with overnight oats, dates, hazelnuts & hazelnut milk. The fresh, high protein perfect breakfast smoothie to take on the go.

Always raw, fresh & cold pressed baby!

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With 105mg of caffeine in one bottle, this protein packed bottle can be the perfect way to kick start your day. If coffee is your bag, the creamy combination of hazelnut and coffee is a delicious way to combine your morning coffee and breakfast nutrition in one.

The base of overnight oats and EXALT cacao vegan protein can help you to manage satiety while the hazelnuts are a rich source of healthy monounsaturated fats. 

Ro Huntriss

Ro Huntriss

Consultant Dietitian & Nutritionist

What's good about it?

Low Sugar

Vegan Protein

Energy Boost

natural Ingredients.

What's in it?

Organic Cacao
Vegan Protein Blend 

Single Origin
Double Espresso


Overnight Oats

Powered By: EXALT Vegan Protein

Unlike some of the “earthier” tasting blends out there, we developed a recipe that was not only favourable for its performance abilities, but also taste.

We have sourced the finest ingredients and have mixed high-quality, plant-based protein from multiple sources to provide not only a varied amino acid profile, but also equally as importantly an exceptional-tasting blend.

This blend of protein sources contains all of the 9 ‘essential’ amino acids which cannot be synthesised by the body, these ensure the body can repair and grow muscle and provide sustained energy throughout the day.

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