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Berry Berry Good - 500ml

This fresh protein smoothie is called Berry Berry Good for good reason - a whole heap of juicy mixed berries with EXALT Madagascan vanilla vegan protein giving more goodness than anyone can shake a stick at.

Always raw, fresh & cold pressed baby!

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Another one of Ro’s faves! As well as having a rich fruity flavour, this bottle is packed with antioxidant goodness, with over 120g of berries and fruit included in each bottle, one 500ml serving will provide two of the 5-a-day fruit and & veg recommendations.

At 380 calories this can be a great option post-workout to refuel the body with the necessary macronutrients to fuel muscle recovery. The additional ingredients contain a mixture of health-promoting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, supporting our overall health. 

Ro Huntriss

Ro Huntriss

Consultant Dietitian & Nutritionist

What's good about it?

Vegan Protein

Fuller for Longer

Antioxidant Boost

All natural.
No compromise

What's in it?

Vegan Protein Blend 
with Madagascan Vanilla

Mixed Berries

Almond Butter

Overnight Oats

Drop element here

Powered By: EXALT Vegan Protein

Unlike some of the “earthier” tasting blends out there, we developed a recipe that was not only favourable for its performance abilities, but also taste.

We have sourced the finest ingredients and have mixed high-quality, plant-based protein from multiple sources to provide not only a varied amino acid profile, but also equally as importantly an exceptional-tasting blend.

This blend of protein sources contains all of the 9 ‘essential’ amino acids which cannot be synthesised by the body, these ensure the body can repair and grow muscle and provide sustained energy throughout the day.

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*Our recipes are free from ingredients containing gluten and soy but there is still a small risk of cross contamination from one of our suppliers. Please see our FAQs for more details or contact us

The information above is a review of the literature to demonstrate potential health benefits of the ingredients within the products. We do not claim that our products or any ingredient within our products can treat, cure or prevent any health condition. Products should be consumed as part of a healthy diet. For individual advice about any health condition, please speak to your GP.

[1] Pourfarzad, A. and Mehrpour, G.R. (2017). Health Benefits of Hazelnut. EC Nutrition, 8(3): pp. 101-105.