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Yoga Mom - 330ml

Low in sugar, low in fat - that's our mantra. This fresh protein smoothie contains EXALT Madagascan vanilla vegan protein with spinach, banana, almond butter and pumpkin seeds.

EXALT Madagascan vanilla vegan protein with spinach, banana, almond butter and pumpkin seeds.

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Don’t let its colour fool you, this is much more than a regular green juice!

The ingredient combo of this drink definitely makes it one of my favourites. While spinach provides its green colour as well as a variety of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, this product also contains a good balance of all of the main macronutrients carbohydrate, fat and protein.

The product uses the EXALT Madagascan vanilla vegan protein blend as a base, along with oats and oat milk, together this combination will offer your body healthy fuel whilst being absolutely delicious!

Ro Huntriss

Ro Huntriss

Consultant Dietitian & Nutritionist

What's good about it?

Low Sugar

Low Fat

23g Signature Vegan Protein

All natural. No compromise

What's in it?

Vegan Protein Blend with
Madagascan Vanilla




What the science says

Spinach and almonds are both sources of antioxidants. The role of antioxidants is to reduce levels of oxidative stress in the body which can damage our cells and, their action can promote overall health (1).

 The dark leafy nature of spinach means that it is packed with antioxidant carotenoids, beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, these phytochemicals are thought to promote eye health (2).

Spinach is also a source of folate which plays an important role in DNA synthesis and with both male and female reproductive health (3,4).

Oats contain the powerful fibre beta glucan (5) which has been shown to have a beneficial role in improving blood sugar control & cardiovascular health.

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Unlike some of the “earthier” tasting blends out there, we developed a recipe that was not only favourable for its performance abilities, but also taste.

We have sourced the finest ingredients and have mixed high-quality, plant-based protein from multiple sources to provide not only a varied amino acid profile, but also equally as importantly an exceptional-tasting blend.

This blend of protein sources contains all of the 9 ‘essential’ amino acids which cannot be synthesised by the body, these ensure the body can repair and grow muscle and provide sustained energy throughout the day.

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*Our recipes are free from ingredients containing gluten and soy but there is still a small risk of cross contamination from one of our suppliers. Please see our FAQs for more details or contact us

The information above is a review of the literature to demonstrate potential health benefits of the ingredients within the products. We do not claim that our products or any ingredient within our products can treat, cure or prevent any health condition. Products should be consumed as part of a healthy diet. For individual advice about any health condition, please speak to your GP.

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